Windows Server AppFabric Management Pack for Operations Manager 2007

This management pack discovers and monitors the AppFabric infrastructure as well as the WCF and WF services that it manages.
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    Windows Server AppFabric MP for Operations Manager 2007.msi


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      The Windows Server AppFabric Management Pack discovers and comprehensively monitors the system components of the AppFabric. Primarily using the event log, the MP will monitor the health of the Event Collection Service, the Workflow Management Service, the Caching Service, and the system databases. The MP will also provide basic monitoring of the WCF and WF services that the AppFabric manages.

      Feature Summary
      • Discover all installed system components and managed WCF and WF services
      • Monitor system service configuration problems
      • Monitor the connectivity between system services and system databases
      • Monitor runtime problems encountered by the system services
      • Monitor the performance of the system databases
      • Monitor the basic operational health of the managed WCF and WF services

      Release History
      • 6/10/2010 - Original release of the English version 1.0.
  • Supported Operating System

    Windows Server 2008, Windows Server 2008 R2

      • Other Software: System Center Operations Manager 2007 or later
    • Downloading the install file
      To download the module
      1. Click the link to the right, and download the management pack installation module
      2. On the System Center Operations Manager server, run the executable to extract the files into a temporary directory

      Importing a Management Pack Module
      You can import this management pack using the Operations Manager Operations console by following these steps:
      1. Open the Operations console
      2. Select the Administration tab (left side tool bar)
      3. Right-click Management packs node and select Import Management Packs option
      4. In the dialog opened, click the “Add” button and select the following files from the path you extracted to before:
      5. Once the status is ready to import, click Install.