Installation of Fedora Samba for Windows Active Directory Compatibility

Learn how to install Linux Fedora 8 Samba server for compatibility with Windows Active Directory.
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      This paper details the installation of a Linux (Fedora 8) Samba server for compatibility with a Windows Active Directory environment. This will allow both Windows users and Linux users access to the same shares during the execution of programs on the Windows based HPC cluster. The installation is detailed in such a fashion as to make it possible for relatively inexperienced administrators to replicate. Screen shots are used throughout the paper along with a narrative that explains not only what to do but why each step is necessary.

      The initial installation of the Fedora 8 based server is stock standard utilizing the defaults wherever possible. Once the base server is installed, the necessary steps are provided to install the Samba software and configure a set of simple shared files to be accessed from other systems. The final step is to join the new Samba server to the Windows domain and test the access to the shares from a Windows user on the Windows server and from a Windows domain user who is logged in to a Linux system, which is also a member of the domain.
  • System Requirements

    Supported Operating System

    Windows Vista, Windows XP

      Microsoft Word
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