New user interface enhancements in the 2007 Microsoft Office system to help telecommunications leader optimize its workforce

SEMC’s globally dispersed offices need standardized, efficient, and systematic processes for upgrading and modifying employee work tools without interrupting end-user productivity. In addition, employees need a better way to manage their e-mail.
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      As a participant in the Microsoft Office Rapid Deployment Technology Adoption Program, SEMC looks forward to using the enhanced results-oriented user interface (UI) in the 2007 Microsoft Office applications to optimize its employees’ productivity. In contrast to the text-based Help menus in previous versions of Office, the redesigned UI of the 2007 Microsoft Office applications presents commands more clearly and provides relevant help in the context of specific tasks when and where users need it, including information about each command and tool. Enhanced ScreenTips provide links to auxiliary information, such as training or related Help topics, directly from the control itself. Users no longer have to discover the name of a command, open the Help window, and type the command name. Instead, this more intuitive form of assistance is built directly into the UI.

      SEMC’s IT department plans to use the Quick Access Toolbar to customize the UI by placing specific, often-used commands in a more prominent place to help users get to the features they need to achieve very specific tasks more efficiently. Early surveys of users find they are already excited about the new dashboard-like interface and galleries for associated tools and tasks, and SEMC is eager to extend these benefits across the enterprise. For example, one user commented, “I like the new user interface and accept it. The editing features are very good tools for me, and now the tools are right there.”

      As an enterprise that relies heavily on e-mail as a primary means of communication, SEMC has also expressed a keen interest in some of the new features in Microsoft Office Outlook® 2007, such as Instant Search and the To-Do Bar. Instant Search will improve the productivity of its workforce by helping employees locate and respond to e-mail, rather than wasting time filing it. The To-Do Bar helps Office Outlook 2007 become a comprehensive time management system by integrating tasks with calendars. The new Office Outlook 2007 user interface will make composing, formatting, and acting on an e-mail an easier and more intuitive experience.

      SEMC hopes that the new features and functionality in the 2007 Microsoft Office system will improve business processes and enhance staff productivity. The company also anticipates that by testing the new Office system tools early through beta deployments, the IT department will be able to plan and establish a more systematic way for handling enterprise-scale deployments of new software. This will help them to ultimately lower the cost for new technology roll outs moving forward.
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