The Games for Windows Self-Certification Program

Presentation from Gamefest 2010
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      Game Developers, give consumers what they want... a certified Games for Windows Title! You can now, by taking advantage of the newly launched Games for Windows Self Certification Program. The program is designed to showcase the Windows gaming platform and to promote game titles which pass a set of technical requirements that promises consumers a great gaming experience. These requirements ensure a consistent level of compatibility to Games for Windows and also enable you to take advantage of new Windows 7 “showcase features”. The process is easy, and the benefits of leveraging the Games for Windows brand is invaluable. Consumers say the Games for Windows brand represents the promise of compatibility and supports them in making good Windows gaming title decisions. As the talks "The Games for Windows Self-Certification Program" and "Games for Windows: Updates for Windows 7" shared a time-slot, please note that the audio file in this download includes both talks.
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