Resource Refactoring Tool

    The Resource Refactoring Tool provides developers an easy way to extract hard coded strings from the code to resource files.
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        The Resource Refactoring Tool "Alpha Release" provides:
        Lists existing resources by their similarity level to the text being replaced.
        Automatically replaces hard coded string with a reference to resource entry
        Support for with both C# and VB.NET projects.
    • Supported Operating System

      Windows Vista, Windows XP

        Visual Studio 2005
      • 1. Run ResourceRefactorSetup.msi
        2. Launch Visual Studio 2005
        3. Open either a VB.NET or C# project
        4. Right-click on a hard coded string in a a code window and choose Refactor - Extract to resource
        5. Choose the resource file you want to use. Next, choose either an existing resource or create a new one.
        6. Press OK to commit changes

        The string will automatically be replaced with the reference to resource you have chosen
      • For forums, support, bug reports, and updates, please visit the Resource Refactoring homepage at