Microsoft Exchange Server Disable Certificate Verification

    Disable the Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) certificate check that is performed on a server running Exchange ActiveSync®.
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        Important: Use this tool for testing purposes only. Do not use this tool in your regular production environment.

        Important: The Disable Certification Verification tool cannot be used to disable certificate verification on Windows Mobile 5.0 devices. The tool works only with Windows Mobile 2002 and Windows Mobile 2003 devices.

        Use the Disable Certification Verification tool to allow users who have Windows Mobile devices to connect to Exchange servers without verifying the root certification authority against the certificate trust list on the device. The device still uses SSL to connect to Exchange Server, but the Exchange certificate check allows certificates from un-trusted certificate authorities to be used without generating errors.
    • Supported Operating System

      Windows 2000 Service Pack 3, Windows Server 2003

        • Sample instructions (for PocketPC 2002, 2003 and Smartphone 2002 devices):

          1. Ensure that your device is connected to the Desktop, that ActiveSync is installed, and your device is connected. A partnership is not necessary, you may connect as Guest should you wish.

          2. On the desktop, open up a command prompt, and change to the directory containing the tool executable CERTCHK.EXE

          3. The tool uses a simple command line interface. To disable certificate checking, type: CERTCHK off

          4. To enable certificate checking, type: CERTCHK on

          5. To verify if certificate checking is currently enabled or disabled, type: CERTCHK query

          6. To get syntax help for the command, type: CERTCHK

          7. Please be sure to re-enable certificate checking on the device after you are done with testing and have installed a signed certificate.
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      • Your use of the Disable Certificate Verification tool is governed by the terms and conditions of the end user license agreement which can be found in the self-extract package.

        If you do not agree with those terms and conditions, do not use the software.

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