IM an Expert for Microsoft Lync Server 2010

IM an Expert is an instant messaging question and answer service that you can set up within your organization. With the IM an Expert service, you can use Microsoft Lync or the IM an Expert Welcome page to submit a question to the service. The IM an Expert service will locate an expert for you within your company and initiate an IM session between you and the expert who can answer your question.
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      This download was originally released on March 22, 2011. For a complete list of fixes and changes in this latest version, please see KB article 2677043.

      This download contains IManExpert.msi, the installer package for IM an Expert. IM an Expert is an instant messaging question and answer service that you can set up within your organization. IM an Expert enables real-time sharing of expertise within your organization. Users can ask the IM an Expert service a question and the service will locate an expert and connect the asker with the expert. Answers are compiled from dialog between the asker and the expert and posted to the organization’s internal IM an Expert website, where they can be searched. IM an Expert provides a great way for people within an organization to save time by sharing their knowledge and expertise. Perhaps equally important, the retained IM an Expert questions and answers can provide a valuable knowledge base that highlights common questions and resolutions to issues within your organization. Users can become experts by entering their Profile information (keywords and URLs related to their area of expertise) on the IM an Expert Website. The IM an Expert administrator may also elect to use other sources of expertise information to help identify experts. The components for the IM an Expert service are described in System Requirements below.
  • Supported Operating System

    Windows Server 2003 Service Pack 2 x64 Edition, Windows Server 2008 Service Pack 2

        The following describes the software requirements for each component.

        Microsoft .NET 3.5 SP1 or later should be deployed on all machines that will be running any component of IM an Expert.

        If multiple components share a single machine, that machine must satisfy all of the requirements for the given components.

        Bot and Monitor

        • Internet Information Services (IIS) (preferably version 7.0).

        • General databases: Microsoft SQL Server (preferably 2008 R2).
        • Index database: Requires a version of Microsoft SQL Server supporting Full-Text Search. Full-text search is an optional component of the SQL Server Database Engine. Please see for more information about this capability and how to enable it in SQL Server.

        Hardware Requirements
        • The Hardware Requirements for IM an Expert are provided in the documentation for the software used in IM an Expert. IM an Expert imposes no additional hardware requirements, other than the Bot and Monitor must be running on a 64-bit server because they require UCMA 3.0, which in turn requires the server to be 64-bit.
    • Click the Download button on this page to run or save the IManExpert.msi. When run, the IManExpert.msi copies the necessary files into folders to the specified computer. The default location for the installation is in the Program Files folder, but you can specify another install location during installation. If you want to install different components for IM an Expert on different computers, you will need to copy files from the install location to those computers once the installation is complete. Rather than copying individual files, it perhaps easiest to copy the full “Microsoft IM an Expert” folder to any other computer on which a component of IM an Expert will be deployed. This will ensure that all necessary files are copied to every computer.

      For documentation on IM an Expert, including the IM an Expert for Microsoft Lync Server 2010 Setup and Maintenance Guide for administrators and the IM an Expert for Microsoft Lync Server 2010 Getting Started Guide for end-users, see
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