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    2007 Office System: Updated Developer Content

    Contains updated versions of the 2007 Microsoft Office system developer content for use with the latest version of the 2007 Office System.
    • Note:There are multiple files available for this download.Once you click on the "Download" button, you will be prompted to select the files you need.


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        IMPORTANT This download is obsolete and will be retired in September 2007.

        For the latest version of this content, please see the online documentation located at:

        This download provides you with an easy way to update the developer content for all 2007 Office System programs.

        This download contains updates for the following developer help:
        • Combined 2007 Microsoft Office System: Developer References (2007OfficeDevRefs.exe)
        • Access 2007 Developer Reference (Access2007DeveloperReference.exe)
        • Excel 2007 Developer Reference (Excel2007DeveloperReference.exe)
        • Object Library Reference for the 2007 Microsoft Office System (2007ObjectLibraryReference.exe)
        • Outlook 2007 Developer Reference (Outlook2007DeveloperReference.exe)
        • Project 2007 Developer Reference (Project2007DeveloperReference.exe)
        • Publisher 2007 Developer Reference (Publisher2007DeveloperReference.exe)
        • SharePoint Designer 2007 Developer Reference (SharePointDesigner2007DeveloperReference.exe)
        • Visio 2007 Developer Reference (Visio2007DeveloperReference.exe)
        • Visio 2007 ShapeSheet Reference (Visio2007ShapeSheetReference.exe)
        • Word 2007 Developer Reference (Word2007DeveloperReference.exe)

        Note: The 2007 Office System developer help is in Microsoft Help 2.0 (HXS) format (as opposed to CHM format). To view this help outside of the Office application, you must download and install an HXS viewer from a third party site.

    • Supported Operating System

      Windows Server 2003, Windows XP Service Pack 2

        • This download works with the following Office applications:
          • 2007 Microsoft Office Suites
      • To install this download:
        1. Download the files by clicking the Download link (above) and saving the help file you want to your hard disk.
        2. To download all the help files in a single package, choose 2007OfficeDevRefs.exe.

          Note Due to the size of this package, this file may take some time to download.

        3. To download the help file for a specific product, choose the file from the list.
        4. Double-click the file that you saved on your hard disk to start the setup program.
        5. Follow the instructions on the screen to complete the installation.
        IMPORTANT: For the help files to function correctly with the Office application, the .HXS files must be extracted to the following location:

        C:\Program Files\Microsoft Office\OFFICE12\1033 folder

        Instructions for use:

        Once you copy the files to the above location (replacing any versions previously located there), you have successfully installed them. There is no further installation required. Once you have installed these files, in the Help viewer of the Office application, choose Show content only from this computer in the lower right corner.

        Remove of this download:
        There is no removal feature for this download.
      • These files do not collect any personal information.