Enabling "Real World SOA" through the Microsoft Platform

Find out how to get your business processes—whether unstructured and collaborative or highly structured and transactional—to be flexible and “people ready” so that your company can more rapidly adjust to a changing environment by downloading this whitepaper.
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      The ability to readily change and optimize business processes is the key to organizational competitiveness and growth. Organizational agility can be compromised when supporting IT assets can not flexibly respond to changing business needs. Unlocking IT resources from their application silos and making their functionality broadly available across the organization promotes business process optimization and organizational agility. Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) is a design approach that promotes better alignment of IT with business needs, enabling employees, customers, and trading partners to more quickly respond and adapt to changing business pressures. This paper explores both the business rationale for SOA, as well as the Microsoft ―real world approach to SOA. Microsoft has a comprehensive SOA offering that provides developers, architects and IT professionals with the tools, technologies, framework and guidance for building and maintaining SOA solutions, as well as the personal productivity software that enables business users to streamline and optimize business processes in a manner that increases productivity, lowers costs, and promotes organizational agility.
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    Windows 2000, Windows NT, Windows XP

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