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Flight Simulator X Service Pack 2
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    166.0 MB

      Flight Simulator X Service Pack 2 addresses these post-release customer concerns:
      Multiplayer compatibility
      DirectX® 10 preview
  • Supported Operating System

    Windows Vista, Windows XP

      2.0 GHz processor with 1GB of Ram

      DX9 Shader model 2.0 graphics card and 256MB of video memory

      30GB free hard disk space

      Audio card with speakers and/or headphones

      Multiplayer requires network connectivity with at least 56.6k bidirectional speeds
    • Download the service pack to the existing Flight Simulator X installation.

      The service pack is one download per supported language. It detects Standard versus Deluxe SKUs and installs appropriately.

      Your Flight Simulator X installation must have all original files unchanged: a repair may be necessary if you have changed any files.