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    Windows Vista Enterprise Deployment Customer Case Study - Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Denmark

    When the Danish Foreign Ministry selected Windows Vista® Enterprise as its new IT platform, the IT pros involved knew that deployment would present challenges—just as the deployment of other operating systems had in the past. This case study explores the problems encountered and the solutions created to ensure a successful deployment.
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        In 2006, the Danish Foreign Ministry’s increasing emphasis on globalization and the need to operate under secure conditions using local and often less-than-ideal international connections made upgrading from the Microsoft® Windows® 2000 operating system an urgent situation.

        The teams responsible for Denmark’s national security assessed: Windows Vista Enterprise on the basis of requiring the best security for the combination of classified and non-classified activities carried out. In addition, improved communication potential for mobile workers along with centralized administration features made Windows Vista Enterprise a good fit for the ministry.

        Working with early code before Windows Vista Enterprise was fully released to the public, the IT pros involved realized early that issues would arise with deployment. After all, they were the first in Denmark to deploy the new operating system—no one could tell them about potential pitfalls or guide them through problems they might encounter. Despite the obstacles, they successfully deployed Windows Vista Enterprise.
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