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In support of the recent release of the Microsoft Expression Interactive Designer January 2006 CTP, we have provided enhanced XAML Export with live preview to the product.

The XAML Export feature allows you to export XAML files directly from Expression Graphic Designer for use in applications based on the Windows® Presentation Foundation (WPF). XAML files generated by Expression Graphic Designer can also be used with Expression Interactive Designer.

There are several known limitations in this release of the XAML Export:

  • If Rasterize Live FX is enabled, the final export may experience layer ordering issues.
  • Shapes with a pattern fill occasionally shift the position of the pattern upon export.
  • Text and Rounded Rectangles are flattened into pure vector shapes upon export.
  • When you are zooming and panning in the XAML preview window, the cursor does not change to reflect the current navigation tool.
  • Blend modes are not supported by WinFX.
  • Outer glow, Gaussian blur, and drop shadow are the only effects that are supported directly in export. Rasterize Live FX must be enabled to see other live effects.
  • Extremely complex documents may generate XAML files that are too large to be handled by WinFX.
  • Images in groups will be shifted when exported to XAML.
  • Objects with a perspective transform will lose the perspective transform when exported to XAML.
Uninstalling previous releases of Graphic Designer CTP is not necessary. The Expression Graphic Designer January 2006 CTP release will automatically remove the previously installed version before installing the new one.

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