Know what's coming, not merely what's happened

When you can see, in real time, into what's going on in the workplace, and when you have the details Microsoft Dynamics provides, you'll not only be able to recognize your opportunities, but you'll also be able to capitalize on them.

  • Identify where sales are headed and how inventory stacks up.
  • Help predict trends and avoid pitfalls.
  • Know how profits are projecting, and be ready to react.
  • Determine when to add products or services.

"We can now perform long-term, strategic business planning. At all levels of the organization, people are aware of the operational context and can take action that benefits the company as a whole…."

Rose Marcario
Chief Financial Officer and
Chief Operations Officer

Learn how Patagonia uses Microsoft Dynamics
Software for business intelligence

Put information in the hands of the people who use it

Our role-tailored, personalized dashboards are designed specifically for individual jobs, so people get the information most relevant to them. Simply stated, we put the data that they need at their fingertips—literally—sending insights and information to the devices that they use every day, helping them to make smarter decisions faster.

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Be nimble and stable

Microsoft Dynamics gives your people easy-to-use tools that turn insight into action. It can drive growth without the complexities or additional people that growth usually requires. And, in the end, it allows your company to be steadfast against industry downturns and to be flexible when opportunities arise.

See across your entire business. In addition to business intelligence and reporting, Microsoft Dynamics enables better:

Business intelligence solutions