The world is moving at a rapid pace. Speed and agility are essential in responding to shifting markets and changes to regulatory requirements. This requires a solution that is flexible, helps manage complexity, and streamlines business processes—a solution that is easy to use and provides insights into the vast amount of business data to make smarter and better decisions.

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See how Microsoft Dynamics displays financial insights

See how Microsoft Dynamics displays financial insights

Get real-time insight and analysis on up-to-date financial and operational performance to inspire action.

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"...[W]e can now perform long-term, strategic business planning. At all levels of the organization, people are aware of the operational context and can take action that benefits the company as a whole..."

Rose Marcario
Chief Financial Officer and
Chief Operations Officer

Drive business impact

Drive business impact

Maximize results through enterprise-wise adoption of business processes and policies with energizing and exciting experiences.

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"The familiar look of the product will immediately remove barriers that some people might experience when it comes to financial information."

Mike Bailey
Director of Finance and Information Services
City of Redmond

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