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Add a phone call, task, email or appointment to a record

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Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online

Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2013

CRM for web browsers

CRM for Outlook

Record all important conversations with the customer or the communication with your team members regarding a record in Microsoft Dynamics CRM. Add a phone call, task, email, or appointment activity record right within the case, account, contact, lead, or opportunity records without navigating to a different area and opening another form.

All activities that you add from within a record appear in the Activities area. If the Regarding field of an activity is set, the activity appears in the activity wall of the regarding record. You can filter the list to show just the activities that are in progress or the ones that are overdue. Click or tap the inline Complete link to close the activity as Completed.

Add a phone call

Add a task

Add an email

Add an appointment

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