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Business process solutions available for download

Check out the Microsoft Dynamics Marketplace for several business process solutions that help organizations like yours follow best practices for common scenarios in your industry. These solutions help you save time by giving you a great starting point for creating business processes that match the way you do business.

Before you can use these processes, you need to download them from the Microsoft Dynamics Marketplace, and then import the solution into the system. Many solutions include demo data so that you can experiment with them and see how they work.


These solutions are not supported by Microsoft. They are intended to serve only as templates for customizations in Microsoft Dynamics CRM. For more information about how to import solutions, see Import, update, and export solutions on TechNet.


Business Process Solution


Financial Services

Deal, On-boarding and Account Planning Process

Follow best practices through the complete client lifecycle for new and existing customers – from initial data gathering and on-boarding to account planning and running.

Wealth Management Process

Gather required information from clients, develop investment proposals, and close transactions successfully. Doesn't include demo data.

Health Plan Sales Management Process

Capture information from marketing campaign responses, convert leads into opportunities, send price quotes, and create policies. Customer service reps can also follow the process to cross-sell insurance products during service calls.

Life Insurance Sales Process

Capture information from prospects, convert leads into opportunities, send price quotes, and create policies. Customer service reps can also follow the process to cross-sell insurance products during service calls. Doesn't include demo data.

Public Sector

Healthcare Management Process

Screen patients, provide appropriate counseling, and schedule follow-up appointments for patients. Doesn't include demo data.

License and Permit Compliance Process

Oversee the collection of licensing and permitting fees from businesses and citizens.

Public Sector Case Management Process

Follow standardized steps to assess cases, define and approve mitigation plans, provide management reports, and ensure all required activities are completed to close a case.

Citizen Service Request Process

Prioritize and assign service requests, estimate time and costs, and track progress until requests are resolved.

Grant Management Process

Manage and track grant awards to individuals, businesses, or other governments from application to the allocation of funds.

Microsoft Dynamics CRM for Nonprofits

Track donation requests from ask to thank you, store templates for receipts, letters, and sign-up sheets, and gather information about potential donors, sponsors, and volunteers. Doesn't include demo data.

Higher Education Admissions Sample Process

Manage admissions and enrollment for prospective students, including collecting student information, tracking receipt of application documents, and monitoring applications under consideration. Doesn't include demo data.

Manufacturing and Resources

Service Call – Repair and Return Process

Standardize how customer service reps (CSRs) assist customers with product fixes by phone, and manage product returns, replacements, and repairs.

Collaborative Marketing for Automotive Process

Designed for OEMs and dealers to help with collaboration on marketing campaigns. Define targeted marketing program requirements, follow up on responses, and submit proof of compliance with reimbursement terms.

Design Win for Manufacturing Process

For semi-conductor and electronic component manufacturers. Executive the design process successfully from prototyping to signed contract. Define the design, identify parts suppliers, generate a proposal, gather the right information from the customer, and close the contract.

Proactive Service to Cross Sell Process

Armed with sensor data, service representatives can diagnose issues and then reach out to customers to cross-sell products – all before a service interruption occurs. Review the sensor data, identify a product to cross-sell, and handle the service case.

Sales Targeting in New Markets for Manufacturing Process

Create targeted marketing campaigns for products, and nurture campaign responses through the sales cycle to shipping an order. Guide sales representatives through each step to collaborate with the engineering team to create prototypes and manage change orders.

Warranty Claims Management for Automotive Process

Simplify handling of warranty claims, including capturing key information from the customer, creating work orders for repairs, coordinating OEM review and approval of claims, and submitting required documentation.

Professional Services

Complex Opportunity Management Process

Respond to a Request for Proposal (RFP) or Request for Quote (RFQ). Create proposals, assess risks, conduct cost-benefit analysis, and make bid/no bid decisions based on relevant data.

Solution Selling® – Short Sales Cycle

Guide sales representatives through a simple sales cycle with two or three meetings with prospective customers or decision makers.

Solution Selling® – Strategic/Complex Sales Cycle

Guide sales representatives through a complex sales cycle with five or more meetings with prospective customers, decision makers, or sponsors.

Solution Selling® – Transactional Cycle

Guide sales representatives through a highly scripted, “one call” sales cycle. Covers inbound and outbound calling scenarios.

Sports Management Process

Designed for professional sports teams. Manage the sale of tickets and merchandise, and track players and teams, including injuries, scouting reports, drug testing results, and contracts. Doesn't include demo data.

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