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Create a quick campaign in the CRM marketing work area

Send an e-mail blast to customers who fit a specific demographic, a mail campaign to clients in a specific region, or perhaps a phone call campaign to previous buyers of a particular product by using a quick campaign in Microsoft Dynamics CRM. A quick campaign is a single campaign activity geared toward a targeted audience. Track the success of your quick campaign through campaign responses, and convert the positive responses into new leads, quotes, orders, or opportunities.

If you need to perform more than one activity for your campaign, such as an email blast and a mailing, create a new campaign instead. More information: Create or edit a campaign in the CRM marketing work area

  1. Go to Marketing > Marketing Lists. (How do I get there?)

  2. Open a record, and then in the Quick Campaigns area, choose the Add button .

  3. In the Quick Campaign Wizard, read the instructions on the Welcome page, and choose Next.

  4. Specify a name for the quick campaign.

  5. Select the type of activity you want to create.

    You can also select who you want Microsoft Dynamics CRM to assign the activity to and whether CRM should perform the activity automatically for appropriate activities, such as sending email messages. For example, if you are creating a phone call activity for all the sales representatives, you can select the phone call activity, and then select The owners of the records that are included in the quick campaign. Each sales representative can then see the activity and take action on it. However, if you are creating a large number of email activities that CRM will perform automatically, you can assign the email activity to yourself instead of the record owners.

  6. Add or change information in the text boxes in the activity form, and choose Next.

  7. Choose Create.


    You can't add records to a quick campaign after you create it.


This topic applies to the Marketing work area within Microsoft Dynamics CRM. The Dynamics CRM Marketing work area provides a way for your sales force to run sales-driven marketing activities. If you use Microsoft Dynamics Marketing along with Dynamics CRM, you might be looking for a similar topic for that product. Dynamics Marketing provides a full-scale set of functionality, automation, and analytical insights for multistage and multichannel campaigns. More information: Microsoft Dynamics Marketing Help Center

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