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Drill down in a chart

  1. Open the list of records that you want to view a chart for. Then, click or tap the chart bar on the right or top of the list of records.

  2. Follow the steps for the app you're using.

    If using the CRM web application

    1. Click or tap the Charts area.

    If using CRM for Outlook

    1. In the ribbon, click or tap Chart Pane, and select where you would like the chart to be displayed.

  3. In the chart area, click or tap the arrow next to the chart name, and then click or tap a name of the chart that you want to see drill down into.

  4. Click or tap the category area of the chart in which you want to drill down further to see lower level data.

  5. In the shortcut menu, click or tap Select Field, and then click or tap the field by which you want to group the category.

  6. Click or tap the corresponding icon for a chart type that you want use for viewing the data.

  7. Click or tap OK.


    To go to the chart from which you drilled down, click or tap Back.

Applies To

CRM Online

CRM 2015 on-prem

CRM 2013 on-prem

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