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Industry templates available for download

Check out Microsoft Dynamics Labs for business process solutions that help organizations like yours follow best practices for common scenarios in your industry. These solutions help you save time by giving you a great starting point for creating business processes that match the way you do business. They were developed by Microsoft employees from Research & Development, Support, Microsoft Consulting Services, and other teams within Microsoft.

You can find additional business process solutions offered by Microsoft Partners on the Microsoft Dynamics Marketplace.

Before you can use these processes, you need to download them from the Microsoft Dynamics Marketplace, and then import the solution into your Microsoft Dynamics CRM system. Many solutions include demo data so that you can experiment with them and see how they work. To find out how to import business process solutions and demo data, see Import industry templates from the Microsoft Dynamics Marketplace.


Please note that these solutions are not supported by Microsoft. The global community facilitated by the Microsoft Dynamics Marketplace provides a place for you to discuss and exchange ideas and questions.

Installing a solution or publishing customizations can interfere with normal system operation. We recommend that you schedule a solution import when it's least disruptive to users.  For more information about how to import solutions, see Import, update, and export solutions on TechNet.


Business Process Solution


Financial Services

Deal, On-boarding, and Account Planning Process

Follow best practices through the complete client lifecycle for new and existing customers – from initial data gathering and on-boarding to account planning and running.

Wealth Management Process

Gather required information from clients, develop investment proposals, and close transactions successfully. Doesn't include demo data.

Health Plan Sales Management Process

Capture information from marketing campaign responses, convert leads into opportunities, send price quotes, and create policies. Customer service reps can also follow the process to cross-sell insurance products during service calls.

Life Insurance Sales Process

Capture information from prospects, convert leads into opportunities, send price quotes, and create policies. Customer service reps can also follow the process to cross-sell insurance products during service calls. Doesn't include demo data.

Coming Soon: Property and Casualty (P&C) Insurance Template

Help property and casualty insurers and agents uncover new opportunities, streamline the sales process, manage claims, and more effectively serve customers.

Coming Soon: Retail Banking Template

Manage and leverage customer interactions, provide the right products and services, and streamline processes across the branch.

Public Sector

Patient Scheduling Template

Screen patients, provide appropriate counseling, and schedule follow-up appointments for patients. Doesn't include demo data.

Tax, Permitting, and License Compliance Template

Oversee the collection of licensing and permitting fees from businesses and citizens.

Public Sector Case Management Process

Follow standardized steps to assess cases, define and approve mitigation plans, provide management reports, and ensure all required activities are completed to close a case.

Citizen Services Template

Manage incoming service requests from citizens. Local, regional, or state governments can prioritize and assign service requests, estimate time and costs, and track progress until resolution.

Grant Management Template

Manage and track grant awards to individuals, businesses, or other governments from application to the allocation of funds.

Higher Education Admissions Template

Manage admissions and enrollment for prospective students, including collecting student information, tracking receipt of application documents, and monitoring applications under consideration. Doesn't include demo data.

Coming Soon: Elected Official Transition Template

Manage the recruiting and hiring process of staff by the transition team. Guides transition staff through standardized steps to help in the review, vetting, and investigation of new applicants. Dashboards provide visual status of applicants and where they are in the process.

Nonprofit Organizations

Microsoft Dynamics CRM for Nonprofits

Track donation requests from ask to thank you, store templates for receipts, letters, and sign-up sheets, and gather information about potential donors, sponsors, and volunteers. Doesn't include demo data.

Donor and Volunteer Management Template for Large Organizations

Manage the donor management process in collecting contributions by volunteers.

Coming Soon: Donor and Volunteer Management Template for Small Organizations

Manage and improve interactions with donors and volunteers using the power of CRM combined with Microsoft Office applications.

Manufacturing and Resources

Service Call – Repair and Return Process

Standardize how customer service reps (CSRs) assist customers with product fixes by phone, and manage product returns, replacements, and repairs.

Customer Portal

Deliver portal capabilities to customers while tracking and managing interactions. Includes lead generation, service scheduling, case management, event calendar, product registration, self-help knowledge base, and content management.

Service Management with Entitlements Template

Provide differentiated services to customers based on their entitlements levels. This template provides a step–by–step visualization of the process to be followed by customer service representatives and helps customer service organizations provide premium service to their customers based on their entitlements.

Integrated Sales and Service Template

Cross sell and upsell product and service offers through your customer service channel. Standardize how customer service representatives provide customers with product and service offers based on their interest and profile, and create leads for their sales team.

Connected Marketing, Sales, and Service Template

View information from a 360 degree view, make impactful decisions, and act effectively on those decisions across multiple industry channels (Manufacturing, Distribution, and Retail).

Partner Relationship Management Portal

Distribute sales leads and centrally manage sales opportunities across channel partners.

Activity Based Call Centers Template

Standardize how customer service representatives handle service appointment bookings. Provide customers with discounts and specialized services based on their profile during the booking process.

Collaborative Marketing for Automotive Process

Designed for OEMs and dealers to help with collaboration on marketing campaigns. Define targeted marketing program requirements, follow up on responses, and submit proof of compliance with reimbursement terms.

Sales Targeting in New Markets for Manufacturing Process

Create targeted marketing campaigns for products, and nurture campaign responses through the sales cycle to shipping an order. Guide sales representatives through each step to collaborate with the engineering team to create prototypes and manage change orders.

Automotive Warranty Claims Management Template

Simplify handling of warranty claims, including capturing key information from the customer, creating work orders for repairs, coordinating OEM review and approval of claims, and submitting required documentation.

Coming Soon: Automotive Lead Qualification and Management Template

Improve the lead qualification and nurturing process to increase the quality of leads passed from OEM to dealer.

Coming Soon: Cable and Telco Customer Service Template

Respond to customer inquiries with more contextually relevant and insightful answers that nurture the customer relationship and proactively introduce upsell and cross-sell conversations that boost revenue growth.

Coming Soon: Connected Devices (IOT) Template

The Internet of Things (IoT) with the ability to connect computing devices to offer advanced machine communications and learnings, is changing the way organizations think about engaging with customers and partners. This template takes the Connected Marketing, Sales, and Service template to the next level by enhancing it with machine network integration and enabling CRM users to leverage machine data that is proactively sent from sensors to engage in rich marketing, sales, and customer service scenarios.

Coming Soon: Event Management Template

Plan, manage, and review events. Track event venues and sessions, internal and external team members, event packages, and group allocations. The web portal handles web registrations for events.

Sales Methodology

Solution Selling® – Short Sales Cycle

Guide sales representatives through a simple sales cycle with two or three meetings with prospective customers or decision makers.

Solution Selling® – Strategic/Complex Sales Cycle

Guide sales representatives through a complex sales cycle with five or more meetings with prospective customers, decision makers, or sponsors.

Solution Selling® – Transactional Cycle

Guide sales representatives through a highly scripted, “one call” sales cycle. Covers inbound and outbound calling scenarios.

Professional Services

Sports Management Template

Designed for professional sports teams. Manage the sale of tickets and merchandise, and track players and teams, including injuries, scouting reports, drug testing results, and contracts. Doesn't include demo data.

Service Offering Innovation and Sales Template

Turn innovation challenges to craft new service offering ideas using a CRM-based variant of the Microsoft Innovation Management Framework. Guide development and marketing of top-rated ideas. Coordinate every step of the pursuit process from opportunity identification to proposal creation, risks assessment, and escalation for go/no-go decisions. Develop, test, and drive new revenue and growth initiatives.

Coming Soon: Government Contractor Capture Management Template

Helps contractors to the United States federal government apply rigorous business development practices, scoping, estimation methods, and proactive risk management protocols to pursue and win the right contracts at the right price.


Coming Soon: Retail Customer Service Template

Gives retail organizations the ability to have a scripted workflow of activity when dealing with retail problem scenarios. Helps retail customer support operations to effectively walk through customer transactional problems in a structured, repeatable way.

Coming Soon: Selling to Business Accounts Template

Use salesforce automation to manage retail business customer accounts, expand on their footprint, and sell new or additional products.

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