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Take a tour of CRM for phones

If you're new to Microsoft Dynamics CRM for phones, check out this quick tour to see how to navigate or work in the app.

When you first open CRM for phones, you'll see a list of record types such as accounts, contacts, and leads.

Follow the instructions here to navigate, search, and do other common tasks.

Use Cortana on Windows 8 phones

You can speak your CRM for phones commands if you are using Cortana on Windows 8.1 phones.

For a list of commands you can use with Cortana, see Cortana voice commands for Microsoft Dynamics CRM for phones.

For more information about using Cortana, see Meet Cortana.

For more information about privacy and Cortana, see Cortana and my privacy FAQ

Display a list of records

  • From the list of record types, tap the one you want, for example Contacts.

Search for records from a list

  1. Tap the Search button at the bottom of the screen. Enter text to search.

  2. Tap the Search button .

Search for records from a lookup field

  1. In a lookup field, tap the Search button .

  2. Tap Look Up More Records.

  3. Enter a few characters to search and tap find.

  4. Select the record and tap done.

Change the current view

  • Tap the view name and select the view you want.

    Initially, 10 records display. Scroll down to retrieve more records.

Start a call or email

  • Tap a phone number or email address to start a call or launch your email app.

Mark activities complete

Follow the steps for the app you're using.

Windows Phone

  • On a Windows Phone, tap the check button.

iPhone or Android phone

  • On an iPhone or Android, tap the more button, and then tap MarkActivityAsComplete.

Add an attachment to a record

  • Tap the attachment button and select the document, picture, or other item that you want to attach.

Use additional features in the Windows Phone app

The CRM for phones app for Windows Phone includes the following added features:

  • Activity feeds

  • Record panorama (you can swipe to view additional information or related records)

  • Offline experience (you can see recently viewed data while disconnected from the network, but you can't edit it)

  • Ability to synchronize customizations by clearing the local cache

View activity feeds

  • Tap what's new and view the posts.

Use the record panorama

  • To view additional information, swipe left and right.

Synchronize customizations by clearing the local cache

  1. From time to time, your CRM administrator might make changes to the system. While the app will automatically check for changes every eight hours or so and synchronize them, you can manually start a synchronization if you need it sooner. To synchronize customizations to the app, tap the gear button on the home page.

  2. Tap clear local cache.

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