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Training & Adoption Kit for Microsoft Dynamics CRM

Great news! To make it easier for you to create your own training materials, here are links to several editable eBook and help files that you can customize any way you like. Replace images and screen shots, edit the text, use your own logo — whatever works to make your training materials match your system and style.

CRM eBooks for anyone (Microsoft PowerPoint format)

eBook Title


Start working in CRM

Gives a quick overview of CRM basics, including how to work with contacts, accounts, leads, opportunities, and cases. Designed for first-time users of Microsoft Dynamics CRM.

Bring in your contacts

Shows how to use a wizard to import contacts from an email program, your phone, or a spreadsheet.

Business processes

Provides a good intro to business processes, which help you follow consistent steps when you work with customers.

Change a business process

By walking you through an example, explains how to use the business process editor to add a stage and steps to a business process. Intended for CRM admins or managers who want to learn how to adapt a business process to match the way your organization does things.

Microsoft Social Listening for CRM

Gives you the scoop on how this new service helps you understand what your customers are really saying on social networks like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and blogs – so that you can take action to win their business and retain their loyalty. Includes step-by-step instructions to add social listening charts to dashboards and accounts in CRM, plus a gallery of all available visuals.

Introducing Microsoft Social Listening

For business decision makers and others who are wondering how social listening can help improve customer experiences. Includes several examples, plus a gallery of all available visuals.

What's changed in CRM? (for on-premises organizations updating from earlier versions)

For on-premises organizations that updated from earlier versions, such as Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011, shows how the system changed from the last version to the current version with the new tiled user interface. Great to help users who are familiar with previous versions of CRM to transition from how they used to navigate the system to the newer, quicker way.

CRM eBooks for customer service (Microsoft PowerPoint format)

eBook Title


What's new in CRM customer service?

Shows how to set up and use new customer service features available with the latest product update. Tie entitlements to service level agreements (SLAs), use case timers, associate similar cases to improve efficiency, and more -- helping your service team build customer loyalty by delivering high-quality service with CRM.

Meet your service goals with SLAs and entitlements

Find out how service level agreements and entitlements in CRM help you give your service team the right info at the right time so that your customers get the best service possible.

Quick reference card for customer service reps

In an easy-to-read format, shows how to create, edit, and resolve service cases.

User guide (Microsoft Word format)

User Guide Title


Microsoft Dynamics CRM User Guide

Includes help topics published on the Customer Center. Copy, paste, and edit text and procedures as needed.

Videos (MP4 format)

Video Title


Get started with Microsoft Dynamics CRM

Get tips to help new users get started with Microsoft Dynamics CRM. Learn how to get around, and how to work with dashboards and contacts.

Quickly access customer data

Find out how to navigate quickly to the customer data most important to you now that there's no more Navigation Pane.

Two fast ways to get back to your recent work

Learn about two fast ways to get back to the things you worked on most recently.

Edited records are saved automatically (auto-save)

Learn about auto-save. You don't need to click or tap Save when you edit information – the system saves it for you automatically.

Add new information quickly (quick create)

Learn about quick create. Use this shortcut to capture the key data points when you enter new information—like a new account or contact.

How to create, reactivate, and reassign a case using Microsoft Dynamics CRM

Learn how to work with cases in Microsoft Dynamics CRM.

Applies To

CRM Online

CRM 2013 on-prem

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