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Use articles in the knowledge base

[This topic is pre-release documentation and is subject to change in future releases.]

Make critical knowledge available to everyone by capturing it in articles in Microsoft Dynamics CRM. Create a customized library for business information, product guides, data sheets, and other articles with timely and relevant information.

An administrator sets up a subject tree to categorize articles based on your organization's unique needs. New articles can be based on templates that define the structure for individual articles, such as the question and answer sections in a FAQ.

After your organization has some articles in Microsoft Dynamics CRM, you can link them to a case or even send them to customers in email.

A typical knowledge management process consists of the following stages:

Create and update articles

Collaborate with colleagues while writing or editing your articles. Review suggestions, corrections, and additions in the comments on an article, and then update the article based on these comments. When you're done, send your article to a manager for approval. When approved, it is available in search results, to view, or to share with colleagues and customers after about 15 to 20 minutes.

  1. Go to Service > Articles. (How do I get there?)

  2. To create a new article: Click +New.

    To edit an article, open the article from the list.

  3. If you are creating a new article, in the Select Template dialog box, select a language and template you want to use to create the article, and then click OK.


    If you need other templates, you can ask your system administrator or customizer.

  4. Type or modify information in the text boxes.

    Hovertips provide hints about what to enter.

    All articles are initially created in a Draft state. To publish the articles, a manager needs to approve these.

  5. In the Actions group, click Submit.

Edit, reject, or approve an article

To make sure the articles that people in your organization use are up to date, someone with manager privileges needs to approve any new or revised articles. Similarly, managers can remove unneeded articles.

  • To view or edit an unapproved article, on the nav bar, click Microsoft Dynamics CRM > Service > Articles, open the Unapproved Articles view, and then click the article. To add comments to the article, in the Actions group, click Add Comments.

  • To reject an article, open the article, and in the Actions group, click Reject. Rejected articles are returned to the Unapproved Articles view for revision.

  • To approve an article, in the list of unapproved articles, select the article, and then on the command bar, click APPROVE.

    When you approve an article, it is automatically published and available for viewing in the knowledge base in approximately 15 minutes. After an article is published, if you want to edit it, you must first unpublish it.

Find an article

Microsoft Dynamics CRM provides several ways to look for articles that people in your organization have created. You can search by using keywords, titles, or the text from a published article. If you know the exact article number, you can quickly open the article you need. But if you aren't sure what text to use before you begin looking, you can also browse through articles by subject.

  1. Go to Service > Articles. (How do I get there?)

  2. In the Search box, type the keyword, and then click the Search button.

  3. To filter search results, click the Search Tool button, and then select one of the following:

    • Full-Text Search. Looks at all the published articles for the specified keyword.

    • Keyword Search. Compares the keyword you specified with alternate terminology assigned to an article to find articles. For example, an article about bicycles might use keywords like "bike" or "cycle."

    • Title Search. Looks at the title of all published articles for the keyword you specified.

    • Subject Search. Looks at the subject of all published articles for the keyword you specified.

    • Article Number Search. Looks for the number that is assigned to the article when it is published.

    • Subject: ‘None'. Looks for articles that have None selected as the subject.

    Select Exact Text to search for the exact words you enter in the Search for box, or select Use Like Words to search for similar words. For example, if you enter "run," the search will include "running" and "runs."

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