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What's new in CRM Online Spring '14 and CRM 2013 Service Pack 1 (on-prem)

We're excited to tell you about the many new features available in Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online Spring ‘14 and Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2013 Service Pack 1 (on-premises)!

Deliver great service everywhere

The many new customer service features included in this release help you build customer loyalty and retain customers for life. These new features can help you:

  • Respond quickly to service issues, whether they come in from phone calls, email, or social media.

  • Tie entitlements to service level agreements (SLAs) to provide quality service until a case is resolved.

  • See all entitlements for a customer at a glance, and assign entitlements to customers and products automatically.

  • Use case timers to track service level agreement key performance indicators (KPIs) to ensure customer commitments are met.

  • Monitor social media conversations to identify and resolve emerging issues before they escalate.

  • Define case relationships to stay on top of details for all related cases and work more efficiently.

Take a look at these two new eBooks to learn more: eBook: Meet your service goals with SLAs and entitlements and eBook: What's new in CRM customer service?


The new customer service features are included with product updates, so if you don't see them in your system, updates may not have been applied yet. Check with your system administrator.

Set up and manage service features in the new Service Management area

In the new Service Management area, a customer service manager can configure all service-related features in a single location on the user interface. To check out this new area: Click or tap Settings > Service Management.

Some of the ways that you can manage customer service through the Service Management area are:

  • Define case relationships so that parent and child cases automatically inherit settings when closed.

  • Use routing rules so that cases are automatically assigned to agents or queues.

  • Specify the level of support and types of entitlements for multiple channels.

  • Define and track service KPIs through service level agreements.

  • Define support hours and associate schedules with service level agreements.


The new customer service features are included with product updates, so if you don't see them in your system, updates may not have been applied yet. Check with your system administrator.

Gain insights from social networks like Facebook and Twitter with Microsoft Social Listening

Microsoft Social Listening is a powerful new analytics service that enables your organization to monitor social media channels like Twitter and Facebook. Use Social Listening to track products, brands, competitors, and campaigns globally, and in real time, to gain a true understanding of your customers and your business across the social web.

With Social Listening, you can scour the web to see what people are saying about your company and products. You can track sentiment across channels, identify top influencers, stay on top of the latest information and trends, get competitive insights, and more.

  • See how the total volume of posts is trending over time. Social Listening captures the information you need in easy-to-read charts.

    You can track information in 19 languages across Twitter, Facebook, blogs, and videos.

  • Get a true understanding of sentiment. At a glance, see how people perceive your product, service, or brand. To figure out which posts are positive, negative, or neutral, Social Listening analyzes keywords and phrases in the native languages, which means it also picks up on cultural cues.

  • Follow spikes in positive or negative sentiment. Use the information gleaned from Social Listening to seize an opportunity or to proactively work to change the social conversation in your favor.

  • Track how your marketing or service campaign is doing. After rolling out a campaign, listen for reactions on Facebook, Twitter, blogs, and in videos to see what's working and what isn't. Then make adjustments to your campaign based on the social conversation.

  • Gain social insights. Analyze social media conversations about your competitors, customers, and prospects.

For more information about how to get Microsoft Social Listening: Get ready for the spring wave of releases

Or, read these eBooks for examples that show how Social Listening can help you: Introducing Microsoft Social Listening and Microsoft Social Listening for CRM

Updating from an earlier on-premises version? Find out what else is new for you!

If you're updating from an earlier version of Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2013 Service Pack 1 (on-premises), there are many more exciting new features for you to take advantage of now.

Find out more: eBook: What's changed in CRM 2013?

The Training & Adoption kit gives you a jump start on creating training materials for users

To help you get your organization up and running, there's a Training & Adoption Kit with eBooks, help, and videos that you can customize to match your system and style.

More information: Training & Adoption Kit for Microsoft Dynamics CRM

New CRM apps for Windows Phone, iPhone, and Android

With the new smartphone apps, you can now access important customer information from your phone.

Download the app from Windows Marketplace, Apple Store, or Google Play, or check with your CRM admin (if that's someone other than you) for instructions for your organization.

Key features:

  • See your CRM data quickly displayed and optimized for a mobile screen.

  • Add and modify contacts, tasks, and notes as well as other relevant sales data.

  • View activity feeds and see addresses on Bing Maps. Windows Phone only.

  • Get back to recently viewed records even when you're not connected. Windows Phone only.

  • All this with no additional license fees.

New CRM apps for Windows 8 mobile devices or your iPad

Microsoft Dynamics CRM for tablets helps you stay connected and productive wherever you are. Use your Windows 8 device or iPad to stay up to date with your customer info—even when you're on the go. Arrive prepared for every appointment, and update your notes, tasks, contacts, accounts, and leads while the details are still fresh in your mind.

Download the app from Windows Marketplace or the Apple Store, or check with your CRM admin (if that's someone other than you) for instructions for your organization.

Works with:

  • Windows 8 (including Surface Pro or Surface RT)

  • iPad (4th Gen)

  • iPad (3rd Gen)

Key features:

  • Access your activities, accounts, contacts, leads, and opportunities from an easy-to-use dashboard.

  • Quickly enter customer data with only a few taps.

  • Track progress for key performance indicators visually with charts.

  • Use Skype to communicate with your contacts.

  • Access your personalized views of lists to see the data most important to you.

  • Pin tiles to the app dashboard to get to the info you need quickly.

  • All this with no additional license fees.

New business processes help you follow best practices for common scenarios

Check out the Microsoft Dynamics Marketplace for several business process solutions that help organizations like yours follow best practices for common scenarios. These solutions help you save time by giving you a great starting point for creating business processes that match the way you do business. More information: Business process solutions available for download

The system also comes with several business processes already installed. You can use them as-is or edit them as needed. More information: Add ready-to-use business processes

For a short, easy-to-read intro to business processes, check out the eBook: Business processes. This eBook is designed to help users get up and running quickly.

For a step-by-step guide to changing a business process to match the way your organization does things, check out the eBook: Change a business process. This eBook is intended for administrators or managers.

Announcing Social Insights powered by InsideView

With Social Insights, powered by InsideView, your Microsoft Dynamics CRM account information goes from static to dynamic with constant updates to three essential types of information – data, insights, and connections. InsideView applies proprietary triangulation and validation techniques across 30,000+ sources and millions of company and people profiles to deliver relevant, accurate company and contact information that helps sellers find more leads, win more deals, and retain and grow customer accounts.  Microsoft Dynamics CRM brings Social Insights to you with every Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online Professional license at no additional charge (U.S. only).

Create compelling customer interactions. Access more degrees of connection for every prospect. Social Insights helps sellers to be more efficient and effective, while driving CRM adoption, because it gives them the real-time insights they need to succeed – all in one place; all within Microsoft Dynamics CRM.  Learn more about Social Insights

Navigate easily with the redesigned user interface

The new user interface makes doing common tasks quicker and easier:

  • No more Navigation Pane. To move around in the web application, you'll use the nav bar at the top of the page. The nav bar includes “breadcrumbs” to let you know where you're working in the system. More information: eBook: Start working in CRM

  • It's easier to enter data. Look for the Create command in the nav bar at the top of the page. Just click or tap the command, and then enter data in a few fields to get new information into the system. More information: Quick create--Enter new contacts (or other data)--fast!

    You can add products quickly to opportunities, quotes, and orders — and update details like price, quantity, and discounts right on the screen where you're working. Plus, you can look up and add key stakeholders and see at a glance who is involved and what their role is. More information: Create or edit an opportunity

  • Click or tap to contact someone. Stay in touch with your customers by clicking or tapping a phone number to make calls via Lync or Skype. Click or tap an email address to send an email. In addition, you can see addresses on Bing Maps. More information: Place calls with Skype or Lync

Microsoft Dynamics CRM is ideal for touch-enabled monitors as well as for monitors that require a mouse.

New color scheme improves readability of tiles

Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2013 Update Rollup 1 introduced a new brighter blue color for the tiles in the Sales, Service, Marketing, Settings, and Help areas, and changed the background color for the rows of tiles to light gray. The greater contrast between the background and foreground colors makes the tiles easier to see and use.

For example, the new light gray background makes it easier to see the row of tiles for the different record types, such as accounts, contacts, leads, opportunities, and cases. Additionally, it's easier to read the names for the groups of tiles, for example: My Work, Customers, or Sales.

The greater contrast makes it easier to read the names of records you viewed recently.

To see an example: On the nav bar, click or tap Sales and then click or tap Accounts. Click or tap the down arrow on the Accounts tile to see the new lighter background for recently viewed records.


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