Microsoft Dynamics Partner Offers Innovative On-Demand ERP for Customers and Partners

RoseASP launched myGPcloud in response to growing customer demand for easier, more accessible on-demand ERP. Customers can sign up for the cloud-based Microsoft Dynamics GP service in just five minutes and have a configured database ready to record journal entries almost immediately. RoseASP minimized or eliminated the contractual complexities and upfront fees that are common with competing solutions, such as Epicor Express, Intaact, and Netsuite. With myGPcloud, prospective customers do not have to pay any upfront costs or sign any annual contract and they can register just one user. In addition, myGPcloud offers a free, 30-day trial. Many sign-ups for myGPcloud occur after business hours, which indicates that business owners are looking to upgrade their financial management software without having to invest time and money upfront.

*Customers can visit and have Microsoft Dynamics GP configured for their company in minutes. And, with the 30-day trial, there is no risk or commitment.*

Linda Rose, President and CEO, RoseASP
Business Needs

Although cloud-based ERP solutions can help companies manage upfront and ongoing IT costs, many businesses are put off by initial setup fees, minimum user requirements, and annual contracts. Because of these complexities, potential customers find it difficult to compare vendor offerings.

“Many customers are uncertain about what they are getting for their money. Similarly, many solution providers are unsure of how and when to recommend cloud-based ERP,” says Linda Rose, President and CEO at RoseASP, a division of Microsoft Gold Certified Partner Rose Business Solutions that focuses on offering Microsoft Dynamics GP and other business software in an on-demand environment.

Rose explains that businesses often do not have free time to spend investigating the ERP solution that they need to make their operations more profitable. Aiming to simplify on-demand ERP for customers and partners, RoseASP decided to build an ERP offering that combined the company’s experience in financial accounting with top-tier hosting capabilities.

“Apart from the team that runs our IT operations, we are all accountants who understand what is needed in various industries,” says Rose. “We used our accounting expertise to simplify the setup needed for customers to get started on Microsoft Dynamics GP in a cloud environment. Our goal was to make the offering, setup, and pricing easy to understand so that customers and partners could be confident in trying out the solution.”


The new myGPcloud offering delivers Microsoft Dynamics GP with minimal upfront investment of time or resources from customers, enabling more companies to experience the benefits of Microsoft Dynamics GP. Prospective customers can try out myGPcloud for free for 30 days. “Customers visit and can have Microsoft Dynamics GP configured for their company in minutes,” says Rose. “And, with the 30-day trial, there is no risk or commitment.”

With myGPcloud, RoseASP removed the entry barriers associated with other vendors of financial software delivered as a service, such as NetSuite, Intacct, and Epicor Express. Unlike these competitors, RoseASP does not require an annual contract or setup fees. Customers can choose the Business Essentials subscription costing U.S.$165 per user, per month, or the Advanced Management subscription for $195 per user, per month, with a minimum of just one and a maximum of 15 users. Other vendors require a minimum of 5 user subscriptions. Also, customers always retain ownership and control of their business data, avoiding the vendor lock-in associated with other ERP software-as-a-service solutions.

MyGPcloud screenshot
Customers can start using myGPcloud in just minutes after completing the simple,
three-step process.

After customers complete the setup, myGPcloud automatically provisions an instance of Microsoft Dynamics GP that includes a chart of accounts and other features that fit their particular type of business. “We built business logic into the setup process based on our experience completing hundreds of installations,” explains Rose. “Taking advantage of best practices for manufacturing, distribution, professional services, and other verticals, customers can start making journal entries immediately once their database is provisioned from our data center.”

The myGPcloud solution runs on SAS 70 Type II–certified data centers, offers 99.5 percent system availability supported by round-the-clock operations teams, and is compliant with Sarbanes-Oxley regulations. RoseASP manages the applications for minimal disruption, applying service packs and other updates afterhours and always after testing. RoseASP is working on mobile applications so that users will be able to access the solution from Windows Phone 7 and other mobile devices.

Microsoft partners can receive referral commissions by selling myGPcloud alongside their primary solution. Microsoft Dynamics partners receive additional credits and can position myGPcloud to win accounts that are cost-sensitive or might otherwise choose another ERP software-as-a-service provider.


With myGPcloud, RoseASP makes on-demand ERP more accessible to new customers and easy to sell for Microsoft partners. “Customers can start with myGPcloud and then easily move to a more flexible hosted solution or bring their solution on-premises,” says Rose. “We offer a low barrier to entry and scalability for customers to grow their business.”

More Accessible On-Demand ERP

By making myGPcloud easy to try and without enforcing annual commitments, RoseASP is attracting more business owners to Microsoft Dynamics GP. “Most of our trial activations occur after business hours, which confirms our belief that many business owners are looking for a new financial management system to help grow their company, but don’t have time for a drawn-out software selection process,” says Rose.

Immediate ROI

Customers receive immediate benefits after signing up for a free, no-commitment trial of myGPcloud. “Traditional ERP implementations require several days at a minimum to configure all the settings,” says Rose. “But, myGPcloud streamlines that process so that customers can start using the solution almost immediately.”

After the 30-day trial, customers pay a monthly subscription fee. “Our solution is truly pay-as-you-go so that customers only have to pay for what they use,” explains Rose.

New Opportunities for Partners

Rose notes that all Microsoft partners can earn benefits reselling myGPcloud, which could lead to compelling pairings of myGPcloud with other online business productivity services from Microsoft, such as Microsoft Exchange Online and Microsoft SharePoint Online. And, myGPcloud gives Microsoft Dynamics partners a new, easy-entry solution to pitch to hesitant customers looking for a scalable solution that can help their businesses grow.

Customer Size: Small Organization
Industry: Hosters & ISPs
Country or Region: United States
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