Industrial Park Improves Productivity with Cloud-Based ERP Solution

Long Hau Industrial Park (LHIP) is located in Long An Province, Vietnam, close to Ho Chi Minh City. Employing 150 people, LHIP is one of the largest industrial parks in the country and has been able to exploit its strategic location and promote its high production quality. LHIP wanted to implement an enterprise resource planning (ERP) solution across the organization. After careful consideration, LHIP partnered with Microsoft Certified Partner Sao Khue Solutions to deploy Microsoft Dynamics AX 2009, using a partner-hosted software-as-a-service model – moving the company’s business processes to the cloud. As a pioneer user of cloud-based services in Vietnam, LHIP is meeting government compliance regulations, improving employee productivity and supporting business growth by minimizing IT expenditures to make funds available to invest in other business areas.


Long Hau Industrial Park (LHIP), owned by Long Hau Corporation was established through an economic development cooperation program between Ho Chi Minh City and Long An Province, with the intention of urbanizing the Can Giuoc District within Long An Province. There are currently 19 industrial parks located in the province, and LHIP is situated on nearly 300 hectares and strategically located 25km from Vietnam’s largest international airport, Tan Son Nhat International Airport. LHIP is now one of the largest industrial parks in the country, attracting domestic and international investors due to its production quality and the strategic advantage of its location.

*We have chosen Microsoft technology for the majority of our applications. Our move to Microsoft Dynamics AX 2009 in the cloud further reinforces our commitment to leverage the power of IT to better serve our customers.*

Doan Hong Dung, General Manager, Long Hau Industrial Park

LHIP has more than 100 PCs running Windows XP along with the Microsoft Office system; however the organization did not have an enterprise resource planning (ERP) solution. Faced with competition in the market place and queries and demands from customers, LHIP began examining options for a solution that would provide real-time reporting to speed up accurate decision making. LHIP wanted to align with international standards and ensure it met the Vietnamese government’s policy of using genuine software.

Doan Hong Dung, General Manager, Long Hau Industrial Park, comments, “To ensure maximum uptime for our business, we wanted a system that was reliable, secure and stable. As well as a user-friendly graphical user interface, we were also looking for a comprehensive range of functions that were flexible, easy to use and effective in improving our business productivity, and that would help the management team make fast and accurate decisions.”


After evaluating several solutions, LHIP partnered with Microsoft Certified Partner Sao Khue Solutions to deploy Microsoft Dynamics AX 2009 as its ERP solution. Microsoft Dynamics AX 2009 is a comprehensive business management solution that could help LHIP to consolidate and standardize processes, meet compliance requirements, and ensure visibility across the organization.

With strict budget requirements, LHIP initially had concerns as to the financial commitment required in investing in an ERP solution. The company investigated and then opted to deploy Microsoft Dynamics AX 2009 using a Software-plus-Services model to move business processes to the cloud. The company licensed Microsoft Dynamics AX 2009 with Sao Khue Solutions hosting the solution online for LHIP for a standard monthly subscription fee.

This meant that LHIP did not need to invest in new IT infrastructure to support its ERP solution, and could ensure compatibility with the existing environment. Sao Khue Solutions deployed Microsoft Dynamics AX 2009 and provided report localization to support the daily decision making requirements of the management team.

The solution is helping LHIP to enhance productivity, streamline its business processes to improve performance, and ensure information is available for informed decision making, while hosting the software online has minimized the workload on IT staff.

LHIP can now extend insight, productivity, and collaboration across the entire business through its deployment of Microsoft Dynamics AX 2009. LHIP has achieved improvements in productivity, support for future business growth, reduced IT spending, increased employee productivity and is compliant with government standards.

Supports Business Growth

LHIP has gained real-time access to accurate business information to help the organization operate more efficiently. Employees can now deliver critical information needed by the management team to support effective decision making.

Improves employee productivity

LHIP employees can quickly and easily prioritize and focus on relevant tasks, information and activities with predefined role-tailored views within Microsoft Dynamics AX 2009. Employees can access information using multiple platforms, including mobile devices and their desktop. Communication and collaboration is improved within the organization by using the integrated unified communications within Microsoft Dynamics AX 2009, with employees able to use present information, send instant messages and make use of Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP), without switching between applications. Employees are already familiar with the Microsoft Office system, which has shortened the learning curve for the new solution.

Accelerates Return on Investment

Microsoft Dynamics AX 2009 is providing LHIP with an easy-to-use solution that integrates seamlessly with the company’s existing IT systems. LHIP employees can deliver information to colleagues or customers quickly with automatic update capabilities, while support requirements from the IT helpdesk have reduced.

The flexible deployment options offered as part of a Software-plus-Services strategy helps LHIP to accelerate return on investment, scale easily to meet demand fluctuations, and align software deployment models more closely to the company’s business focus and current IT capabilities.

Aligns with Government Standards

In line with the government’s focus on adherence to the copyright law and intellectual property rights, LHIP is demonstrating its commitment to implementing genuine software using the Software-plus-Services model. This means the company can develop a state-of-the-art IT infrastructure while ensuring compliance with government regulations without needing a substantial IT budget.

LHIP regards Microsoft as a strategic partner, confirms Doan Hong Dung. “We have chosen Microsoft technology for the majority of our applications. Our move to Microsoft Dynamics AX 2009 in the cloud further reinforces our commitment to leverage the power of IT to better serve our customers.”

Microsoft Dynamics

Microsoft Dynamics is a line of integrated, adaptable business management solutions that enables you and your people to make business decisions with greater confidence. Microsoft Dynamics works like familiar Microsoft software such as Microsoft Office, which means less of a learning curve for your people, so they can get up and running quickly and focus on what’s most important. And because it is from Microsoft, it easily works with the systems that your company already has implemented. By automating and streamlining financial, customer relationship, and supply chain processes, Microsoft Dynamics brings together people, processes, and technologies, increasing the productivity and effectiveness of your business, and helping you drive business success. 

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Customer Size: Medium Organization
Industry: Logistics
Country or Region: Vietnam
  • Microsoft Dynamics AX 2009
  • Microsoft Dynamics
  • Microsoft Dynamics ERP
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Business Situation:

LHIP wanted to deploy an enterprise resource planning (ERP) solution across the organization to improve business decision making.


  • Supports business growth
  • Improves employee productivity
  • Accelerates return on investment
  • Aligns with government regulations

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