Inorganic Pigments Manufacturer Increases Efficiency by Implementing an ERP Solution

As a company specializing in the production of inorganic pigments, Nubiola was looking for an ERP solution that could be localized in order to meet the legal requirements in Romania, allow a complete automation of their production process, provide a powerful reporting tool, as well as show total visibility of the business based on real-time data. By deploying Microsoft Dynamics AX, the firm met all its requirements and achieved a higher level of productivity and efficiency.

Business Needs

In the past years, Nubiola has become one of the global leaders in inorganic pigments. Performing important investments in research and development, Nubiola has extended its range of products and, at present, has a wide customer portfolio in various fields (plastic, cosmetic industry, etc.). The company entered the Romanian market in 1992, owning a modern manufacturing plant at Doiceşti, close to the city of Târgovişte. Nubiola has now subsidiaries in over 10 countries on the globe.

“The main reason for choosing Microsoft Dynamics AX was the need of common infrastructure software along with aligning the business processes and the reporting in all companies of the Nubiola group. Additionally, the system has a friendly interface and is perfectly integrated with other Microsoft products”, stated Iñigo Isasi, Project Manager, Nubiola Spain.

LLP Dynamics Romania has performed a complex Microsoft Dynamics AX implementation at Nubiola Romania.


Nubiola Spain had been using the MFG/PRO system, system that was no longer meeting the requirements of a company in full development. Also, Nubiola Romania had been using an old technological system based on FoxPro that covered only the requirements of the financial-accounting and payroll department.

Nubiola has decided to implement the Microsoft Dynamics AX solution, the application allowing to handle complex production processes in the company.

"In the case of Nubiola Romania there were no IT system truly integrated, the existent solution covering only few aspects in the company. In our case, the new solution had significant impact on the processes efficiency", said Dragoş Purcăreanu, IT Manager and Project Manager of Nubiola Romania.


  • Centralized system
  • Data analysis in real time
  • Secured access to the resources of the system
  • Connections between all compartments
  • Complete reporting system
*As a consequence of implementing Microsoft Dynamics AX and centralizing the business processes of the company, the new ERP solution has contributed to the increase of approximately 20% of the efficiency and productivity within the company.*

Dragoş Purcăreanu
IT Manager and Project Manager Nubiola Romania

The implementation has allowed the complete processes automation production, ensuring a total automation of the specific flows. The main advantage of the system is the possibility to customize the solution for very specific requirements. Microsoft Dynamics AX is a very flexible solution, integrating powerful components for developing and adapting various elements in the application. A powerful reporting system is available, deploying functionalities to easily guarantee new reports or modify the existent ones.

The ERP solution has allowed simplifying the calculation processes of the production costs within Nubiola Romania. “The existence of a centralized system offers a complete image of the business. The decisions are taken based on real time data, ensuring a greater accuracy of the management processes”, specified Dragoş Purcăreanu, IT Manager and Project Manager of Nubiola Romania.

The existence of a version perfectly adapted to the legal requirements in Romania, represented an important advantage of the product. “The existence of the located version allowed the total alignment of the system to the financial and accounting requirements in Romania. Additionally, the existence of a Romanian interface has led to the reduction of the time needed to learn the manner of the product usability”, specified Dragoş Purcăreanu, IT Manager and Project Manager of Nubiola Romania.

Microsoft Dynamics AX had a significant contribution to the optimization of the company business processes. An increase of approximately 20% of the efficiency and productivity is the answer of Microsoft Dynamics AX to the complex business requirements of a company in the production field.

“The new system has led to costs decreasing, related to the maintenance of the IT infrastructure and increasing the incomes with a better efficiency of different departments in the company. The friendly interface of the application and remodeling of the processes contributed to reducing the necessary time to perform certain operations. Therefore, certain tasks that imposed many work hours are now performed in only a few minutes. The solution has allowed implementing standard processes, ensuring at the same time, high flexibility level for adapting to the various processes in the company”, referred Iñigo Isasi, Project Manager – Nubiola Spain.

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Customer Size: Medium Organization
Industry: Manufacturing & Resources
Country or Region: Romania
  • Microsoft Dynamics AX
Organization Profile: Nubiola has been founded in 1914 in Barcelona, and has been specialising in the production of ultramarine pigment.
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