Manufacturer Triples Growth with Microsoft ERP

Natural gas and lower emissions are two topics that have grown increasingly popular in everyday conversation, as energy independence and the environment have become prominent concerns. In parallel with this rising awareness, EMIT Technologies, an emissions engineering and manufacturing company that focuses on providing single-source solutions to help its customers meet natural gas industry regulations, has experienced tremendous success.

*For more than five years, Microsoft Dynamics GP has supported us as we have grown from 17 to more than 110 team members. The latest release, Microsoft Dynamics GP 2013, will add new capabilities that we will use to improve strategies in every process across the company.”*

Travis Perkins
Director of IT
EMIT Technologies

In 2007, the company, which at the time had only 17 team members, began planning an upgrade of its business management software to support anticipated growth. “At the time, we were relying on QuickBooks for basic accounting, but we needed to address long-term goals of our growing business and knew we would need a more robust solution that handled inventory management and manufacturing as well,” says Travis Perkins, Director of IT for EMIT Technologies.

Finding a Solution for Sustained Growth

In looking for a solution to manage its business, EMIT Technologies was quick to choose Microsoft Dynamics GP. “We’re a Microsoft shop, so we already knew Microsoft Dynamics GP would be a good fit with our existing infrastructure,” Perkins explains. “At the same time, we needed to achieve immediate results. With Microsoft Dynamics GP, we could rapidly deploy core functionality and then add additional capabilities over time.”

The strategy worked. EMIT Technologies was able to go live with the AP, AR, GL, Inventory, and Manufacturing modules of Microsoft Dynamics GP in only three months.

Taking the Solution Further

Since implementing Microsoft Dynamics GP in 2007, EMIT Technologies has taken the solution considerably further, upgrading twice and integrating the ERP with several other manufacturing systems, including its SolidWorks Computer Aided Design (CAD) software and Microsoft Dynamics CRM for sales order processing and streamlined communications. Most recently, the company has deployed the latest release, Microsoft Dynamics GP 2013, in a test environment as it prepares to leverage the new capabilities to drive ongoing improvements.

The Payroll module, first used by EMIT in 2009, allows efficient and accurate management of the payroll cycle. Today, after having more fully utilized features including implementation of the payroll/payables integration process, EMIT can swiftly process, review, and validate payroll for the current population of employees with confidence. “What previously took two days each pay period now requires only a few hours,” says Sarah Phillips, Director of Finance and Accounting. “Additionally, it has enhanced our ability to process streamlined reporting to governmental agencies.”

Toni Alden, Accounts Payable, says, “With Microsoft Dynamics GP 2013, we’ll be able to manage inventory reason codes and point them to different account distributions. We’ll also be able to better manage our site and item number organizations and relationships.”

*We’re now in a position where we’re better prepared to accept projects we wouldn’t usually manufacture. There’s a good chance we’re designing something new every day.*

Travis Perkins
Director of IT
EMIT Technologies

Perkins goes on to add that the new ability to access Microsoft Dynamics GP 2013 over the web will add immense flexibility to the way people work. “In particular, the new web interface for Microsoft Dynamics GP 2013 will allow us even greater flexibility as a business, enabling access and insight from virtually anywhere.”

Continuing Success

Microsoft Dynamics GP has proven the right decision for EMIT Technologies. “Microsoft Dynamics GP was instrumental in transforming our fabrication shop,” says Justin Carlson, Manufacturing Engineer for EMIT Technologies. “We’ve evolved from managing each order individually as a one-off job, to a true manufacturing environment where we have greater insight and control while having uniform processes in place across the company.”

Support Rapid Growth

With Microsoft Dynamics GP in place, EMIT Technologies has grown from 17 team members in 2007 to more than 110 team members. Perkins notes, “Microsoft Dynamics GP provides us with a working strategy that fits well with developing and maintaining critical business solutions. Now we can focus on scaling our operation and developing new product offerings to support our customers.”

Facilitate Communications and Insight

When asked to justify the cost of an ERP system, Perkins says that it comes down to establishing two things: communications and insight. And with Microsoft Dynamics GP, the company has both. Explains Perkins, “With centralized information and the ability to manage all our processes in one system, we’re enabling consistency. With Microsoft Dynamics GP, we essentially have a storyboard, on a day-to-day basis, that allows us greater control of business operations.”

Improve Customer Satisfaction

With the entire company now operating as one and having insight into the manufacturing operation, EMIT Technologies has the ability to tell its customers when their product will be manufactured and when it will ship. In addition, the company has newfound flexibility to meet customer needs that extend well beyond just a custom solution.

Says Perkins, “We’re now in a position where we’re better prepared to accept projects we wouldn’t usually manufacture. There’s a good chance we’re designing something new every day. If someone wants cradles, ladders, catwalks, or support structures in addition to their order of housings, catalysts, and engine controls, we can provide that.”

Certainly, EMIT Technologies has come a long way since its humble beginnings as a small business relying only on QuickBooks for accounting. Looking back on the dramatic change, Perkins remarks, “Our teams seek efficiency through use of technology. And by having the right technology, like Microsoft Dynamics GP 2013, in place, we will continue to remain dynamic and flexible to take advantage of new opportunities in our changing business.”

Next Steps

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Document published February 2013

Customer Size: Small Organization
Industry: Automotive, Industrial Equipment & Aerospace
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