Restaurant Chain Automates Feedback System to Respond Instantly to Customers

The Zaatar W Zeit Lebanese restaurant chain wanted to automate its manual customer feedback system so patrons could respond using smartphones or tablet PCs instead of on paper comment cards. Microsoft Partner Dynamic Objects developed a website that links to Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011 at the company’s head office. Customers now receive instant responses to requests for improved service instead of waiting two days for a customer service agent to contact them.

Business Needs

Zaatar W Zeit, which is owned by Breakfast and Co based at Zouk Mosbeh in Lebanon, has 14 restaurants and a reputation for providing specialty foods from across the Middle East. The restaurant chain, like others in the Breakfast and Co group, prides itself on the quality of service it provides to customers and relies heavily on feedback to maintain this service. It needed an effective, automated customer relationship management (CRM) solution to better manage and track customer information and feedback on its meals and quality of service.

Christophe Khalaf, IT Manager, Zaatar W Zeit, says: “Until recently, comment cards and customer feedback were written by patrons in each branch—between 200 and 300 a day at every site—and then sent to head office for manual entry into Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011. We needed seven employees in our customer service department to handle this time-consuming task. Only after all the data was entered for a particular day could we extract the required analytics on branch performance, customer issues, and complaints or positive feedback.”

To remain competitive and innovative in a fast-moving industry, Zaatar W Zeit wanted to break down information silos within the organization, improve customer responsiveness, and boost visibility of branch data.

Khalaf says: “The existing system was wasteful in terms of the costs of printing paper and handling transfers of completed feedback forms from remote branches to head office. Once the information was entered, our customer service agents had to follow up on any complaints or requests for service as well analyzing trends. We needed an automated system to make better use of our data for menu planning, sales and marketing, and special promotions.”

Finally, Zaatar W Zeit wanted to join up its CRM platform with a separate system that managed data about customers subscribing to its popular loyalty card scheme.


Microsoft Dynamics CRM Partner Dynamic Objects, based in Lebanon, developed an HTML5-compliant website to allow customers to enter personal information and complete feedback from mobile devices. Zaatar W Zeit caters to young, professional customers who are familiar with smartphones and iPad devices.

Maurice Ghosn, Managing Director, Dynamic Objects, says: “We specialize in the type of deployment where customers want to use CRM to transform their businesses. Zaatar W Zeit was no exception. The restaurant chain wanted to give customers the option of using their own mobile devices or smartphones to provide feedback. We recommended having a tablet PC installed at each of the branches for use by customers who don’t have their own smartphones or tablet PCs.”

Ghosn adds: “When we got involved, the customer already had a solution but it lacked all the required functionalities. We enhanced the process and provided a website that mimicked the paper comment card and can be scanned by a customer’s smartphone or accessed by a tablet PC at the restaurant.”

Once entered, the comments are pushed directly to Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011 at head office. Dynamic Objects developed the solution using Microsoft Visual Studio 2012 and the Microsoft .NET Framework. When customers enter personal details, the details held in the CRM system at head office are also automatically updated.

After receiving the go-ahead from Zaatar W Zeit in November 2012, Dynamic Objects successfully tested the solution at one branch in January 2013. The new system, which is fully integrated with loyalty card data, went live the following month.


Zaatar W Zeit is enhancing its reputation for innovative cuisine and excellent customer service with its new automated customer feedback system. Instead of waiting up to two days to respond to requests for improved service, head office staff can respond instantly to customers’ smartphones or tablet PCs. With consolidated feedback and accurate data, the restaurant chain can more easily measure branch performance and trends in customer behavior, making any necessary improvements quickly.

Automation of customer feedback results in lower customer service overhead. It used to take seven customer service staff to enter customer feedback forms manually and respond to them 48 hours later. Khalaf says: “We now require only three people. They can concentrate on responding to customers instantly if necessary and on analyzing business trends and customer preferences for new menu items.”

Customer relationship management database updates immediately. Zaatar W Zeit will enjoy a much more accurate customer database because every time an online comment card is received, the customer’s personal details are automatically updated. There are no longer duplications or errors.

Customer satisfaction improves with rapid response to online comments. Khalaf says: “We now have the opportunity to respond to customer feedback in real time—often before they even leave the restaurant. This is enhancing customer satisfaction and helping us make decisions faster about service improvement, branch issues, and performance.”

Savings result from replacing paper with automated customer insight information. Collecting up to 300 paper comment cards a day from 14 restaurants—some in remote locations—was an expensive overhead for the business. Khalaf says: “We’ve reduced our carbon footprint by cutting the need for paper and travel between our branches and head office in Beirut.”

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Customer Size: Medium Organization
Industry: Food & Beverage
Country or Region: Lebanon
Organization Profile:

Beirut-based Zaatar W Zeit operates 14 restaurants in Lebanon, specializing in Middle Eastern food and excellent customer service.

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