Luxury Hotel Brand Upgrades Microsoft Dynamics NAV Solution to Improve Group Performance

Rocco Forte Hotels is a collection of five-star hotels, with hotels and resorts throughout Europe. The company is one of the world’s leading luxury hotel brands, offering exclusive accommodation and first-class service.

*We can see issues and opportunities much sooner and take action, so it’s become a very powerful management tool.*

Alan Clark
Group Finance Director
Rocco Forte Hotels

The business was running a number of disparate systems and wanted a single solution that would operate in all its hotels. The goal was to provide a consistent experience in every hotel and to simplify the many processes that were in place. For example, the inconsistency between the legacy systems meant that access to financial information was difficult and compiling month-end accounts was very time-consuming.

The decision to choose Microsoft Dynamics NAV was based on the need for “A robust, tried, and tested system,” states Alan Clark, Group Finance Director for Rocco Forte Hotels, “And we selected Serenissima Informatica as our partner because they had developed a complete solution for the hospitality industry. They were also able to create bespoke functionality, tailored to our precise requirements.”

Microsoft Dynamics NAV has been a hosted solution for the Group since the beginning, which allows Rocco Forte Hotels to focus on their core business activity without worrying about the maintenance and security of server hardware.

Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2013 R2 has been deployed on the existing hosted platform, first piloted in the Hotel de Russie in Rome. The upgrade went smoothly. Clark explains, “The implementation took only five days, and this also included staff training across eight different roles. The whole process was seamless.”


Microsoft Dynamics NAV operates in every Rocco Forte Hotels resort and hotel, and the new hotels plan to implement it when they open. The solution has more than met expectations, proving to be the foundation for ongoing improvement.

Customizable, role-based interface increases staff productivity

Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2013 R2 is easy to customize so staff see only the information they need, relevant to their role. This cuts down the number of screens they use and reduces the time taken to complete their tasks, thus increasing productivity. “It gives new motivation for the users,” says Clark. “This is not only beneficial for current staff, it also reduces learning time for all new employees.”

Comprehensive integration with hospitality systems

Rocco Forte Hotels employs several industry-specific systems, including HR, payroll, bookings, and point of sale. “These are our biggest information contributors,” says Clark, “so we see the daily revenues alongside the daily outgoings, and we can get a snapshot of profitability every day.”

Group-wide benchmarking drives continual improvement

Because all Rocco Forte hotels now use the same processes, it is easier for the corporate office to analyze the collective data and directly compare the performance of individual hotels. In turn, this allows them to identify and share best practices, so that the performance across the whole chain continually improves. “Because every hotel has the same configuration, they regularly contact each other and learn from each other’s successes,” says Clark.

Improved group reporting

The hospitality industry uses a standard chart of accounts, and this is now applied in every hotel. The corporate finance team can now compile monthly management accounts far more easily and quickly. Additionally, they produce interim performance reports for the board. Clark explains, “Our executive management team don’t have to wait for month-end figures because we are able to report weekly with a large degree of accuracy. We can see issues and opportunities much sooner and take action, so it’s become a very powerful management tool.”

A Wealth of Benefits for Rocco Forte Hotels’ Corporate Team

Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2013 R2 has brought a range of additional benefits to the Rocco Forte Hotels corporate team. It is now far easier to compile management reports, compare the performance of its various hotels, and interrogate data, because everyone is using the same system, no matter what personalized interface they happen to see. Having one system means that the business cuts the time spent on data entry and reporting, and reduces errors.

Alan Clark, Group Finance Director for Rocco Forte Hotels, explains: “It’s a very good system, and it supports us in providing the information that we need in the least amount of time. You always want one version of the truth, and the most important thing for us is having one uniform set of data.”

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Document published October 2013

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