Microsoft Dynamics ERP deployment options

Microsoft Dynamics enterprise resource planning (ERP) products offer multiple deployment and pricing options, including both on-premises solutions and cloud-based software-as-a-service (SaaS) platforms provided by our partners. Whatever your preference, you have the flexibility to choose the option that's right for you.

On-premises ERP deployment

With on-premises deployment, Microsoft Dynamics ERP software is hosted at your own location on your own servers or at a location of your choice. You can work with one of our partners to set up the necessary hardware and software, using new systems or any available systems you already own. Either partners or your in-house staff can then maintain and develop your solutions.

With on-premises deployment, you can:

  • Leverage existing investments.
    Help reduce costs by using the hardware and software you already own.

  • Easily connect with legacy systems.
    Although most cloud solutions can connect with existing equipment, on-premises solutions can always do so.

  • Help guarantee predictable performance.
    On-premises solutions are not subject to fluctuations in performance or availability due to the Internet (although on-premises solutions are not necessarily faster than hosted ones).

  • Support compliance requirements.
    Address compliance with security and other policies that require on-premises solutions.

You can make implementing your Microsoft Dynamics solution easier. By working with a Microsoft partner who uses a proven methodology—implementation processes and tools—you can achieve a successful implementation that is on-time, on-budget and on-spec.

Discover the benefits of Microsoft Sure Step for customers (PDF, 100 KB)Learn how to get the most from your Microsoft Dynamics ERP investment (XPS, 2.02 MB)

Partner-hosted ERP deployment

Many Microsoft partners offer cloud-based hosting for Microsoft Dynamics ERP solutions and can serve your organization in a wide spectrum of roles. You can task them with providing hardware and software that is accessed and controlled by your in-house IT department. Or you can engage a partner as an outsourced IT department that runs, maintains, and develops your systems for you.

Find partner-hosted ERP solutions

Hosted ERP solutions allow you to:

  • Minimize your initial investment.
    Help reduce your startup costs by avoiding upfront hardware and software purchases.

  • Get up and running quickly.
    Hosted ERP solutions generally offer faster deployment options.

  • Manage your cash flow better.
    Support your business as it grows with low and predictable costs that scale with actual use of your solution. You can also purchase a traditional perpetual license and have it hosted by a partner.

  • Scale the solution as needed.
    Many partner-hosted ERP solutions offer scalability that fits to your organization's exact needs and can be adjusted as your needs change.

  • Maximize internal IT resources.
    Free up your internal IT staff for tasks that provide more value to your organization.

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