This customer relationship management (CRM) solution for the telecommunications industry unites customer service, sales, and marketing solutions across multiple channels for improved operational efficiencies, business intelligence, customer satisfaction, and return on investment (ROI). 

Microsoft Dynamics business solutions for the telecommunications industry

Global outreach: Expand your operational compass for the most comprehensive customer impact

With a 360-degree view of your customers' needs, you can offer innovative services that distinguish your organization and help your customers grow their profitability. Microsoft Dynamics CRM gives communications service providers a customer service, sales, and marketing solution that combines the power of productivity with ease of use to enable improved customer satisfaction and reduced customer churn.

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CRM for communications service providers

Differentiate your customer experiences

Customers want to interact with you on their terms. Providing choice in a multichannel world will help ensure that you are "in the game" at each moment of truth in the relationship with your customers.

CRM allows you to engage effectively across each of these key channels.

  • Phone and email. Real-time conversation with a customer over the phone can often be the best way to handle high-value interactions, and Microsoft Outlook email continues to see high usage despite the emergence of social channels.
  • Web self-service. Providing a great self-service experience can lower your costs while helping increase customer satisfaction. Help raise your return on every customer relationship by maximizing order accuracy and effectively managing service delivery.
  • Social media. Engage and interact with customers and prospects in new and innovative ways by using social media communications and analytics.
  • Chat and co-browse. Proactively reach customers on your website to foster confidence, drive conversion, and reduce abandonments.
  • Mobile. Mobile device usage has exploded. Providing a great brand-in-hand experience can help keep your customers engaged at moments of truth.
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Cross channel CRM

Improve operational efficiency

Telecommunications CRM tools are at your fingertips with Microsoft Dynamics CRM. Help improve cross-sell and upsell execution, target the right offers, and deliver the best possible service across sales, marketing, and services.

  • Streamline business-to-business (B2B) sales and relationship management processes.
  • Shorten sales cycles across highly connected teams, and streamline sales activities with consistent pricing, quotations, and discount processes.
  • Help increase your return on every customer relationship by maximizing order accuracy and effectively managing service delivery.
  • Engage and interact with customers and prospects in new and innovative ways by using social media communications and analytics.
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CRM for the telecommunications industry

Gain customer insight

Offer your customers personalized care to build loyalty and to help increase your revenue. Understand your customers' spending behavior better, and enhance customer engagement and experience.

  • Gather consistent customer data from diverse systems and databases in a single information repository to better cultivate profitable customer relationships.
  • Measure and learn customer behavior to help improve service, optimize marketing spend, and grow share of wallet.
  • Use robust reporting and analysis capabilities to discover promotion effectiveness and customer spending patterns.
  • Measure customer loyalty, and create more effective loyalty programs.
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Enhance customer engagement

Improve business intelligence

Quickly access, analyze, and take action on all the data in your business. Microsoft Dynamics CRM helps you unlock the power of your business data for users across finance, marketing, sales, customer care, and operations with visual tools and real-time reports.

  • Provide end users with comprehensive, intuitive, and collaborative ways to access, analyze, and manage the information they need to make instant decisions.
  • Evaluate the business to help optimize pricing, avoid market saturation, and identify opportunities for new services.
  • Evaluate behaviors to provide personalized service to your customers. Roll out customer retention programs, and analyze their impact immediately.
  • Gain greater business insight by viewing key performance indicators (KPIs) in real time with intuitive dashboards.
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Telecommunication business intelligence

Enhance customer service

Provide customer service agents with rich and holistic information about every customer so you can offer fast, accurate, and personalized service to delight customers and help win loyalty.

  • Provide a comprehensive history of each customer—from initial contact through all subsequent interactions—throughout your organization for more consistent customer service levels.
  • Identify, diagnose, and resolve customer issues with intuitive case-tracking capabilities and real-time communication and collaboration tools.
  • Improve call center efficiency with automated processes, streamlined escalations, and flexible service-scheduling tools.
  • Help increase customer renewals and subscription rates with real-time customer insight and intelligent call-scripting capabilities.
  • Expand your agents' skills with a centralized knowledge repository and shared best practices.
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Provide better customer service