How to buy
Find academic pricing and offers for qualified K-12 and higher education institutions. Learn more how to find pricing and purchasing options for schools, teachers, and students.
Academic pricing and licensing
Academic pricing and licensing for schools and universities provide flexible, volume-based pricing for education institutions. Find the program to fit your budget and needs.
Office 365 Education for free
Get Office 365 for your entire school. Qualified academic institutions can try Office 365 for free and see how it can help your school save time and be more productive.
Offers for schools, teachers, and students
The Microsoft Store for Education features special offers for teachers, faculty, parents, and school staff.
Authorized academic resellers
Microsoft Authorized Education Resellers (AERs) can help qualified educational institutions purchase Microsoft products at academic prices.
Use Microsoft Dynamics in the classroom
Microsoft Dynamics Academic Alliance provides free software and support to educational institutions that want to use Microsoft Dynamics Enterprise Resource Planning and Customer Relationship Management software in the classroom.
Microsoft Azure Educator Grant
The Microsoft Educator Grant Program provides access to Azure for use in the classroom by university students and their professor.

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