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Budget-friendly devices for every classroom starting at $189

Unlock limitless learning for your students

The more students are engaged, the more they learn.

Empower students with courses, apps, and games that keep them engaged and give them the essential technology skills they need today and in the future.

Bring the mystery of the oceans to your classroom

Build future-ready skills with engaging classroom activities by taking your students on an underwater odyssey with Oceans Our Blue Planet -- a BBC Earth and OCEANX film that reveals extraordinary discoveries and untold stories of the oceans' most astonishing creatures.


A latecomer to teaching hacks the classroom

After professional stints in marketing and music, Tammy Dunbar is unafraid to try the latest STEM teaching methods, tools, and technologies.

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Better learning outcomes

Personalized learning tools and immersive experiences spark creativity, inspire passion, and enable students of all abilities to thrive.

Boost the independence of every student

Microsoft’s Personalized Learning offerings like Learning Tools, Microsoft Translator, and Office 365 can help all students achieve improved outcomes.

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Bring STEM learning front and center

Find affordable inquiry and project-based activities that boost science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) skills, written by teachers for teachers.

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Powerful tools for collaboration

Foster collaboration with apps and software that enable teachers and students to learn together in real time.

Prepare today’s students for the jobs of tomorrow

With Office 365 Education in the classroom, your students learn the skills employers value most.

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Helping educators do remarkable things

When teachers stay connected with peers, share ideas and lesson plans, and access free professional development resources, great things happen.

Invest in your future

Learn how to incorporate technology into your classroom with online professional development and training.

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Teams digital hub

Create collaborative classrooms, connect in professional learning communities, and communicate with staff – all from a single experience in Teams.

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Stay organized with OneNote

OneNote Class Notebooks have a personal workspace for every student, a content library for handouts, and a collaboration space for lessons and creative activities.

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Discounts and offers

Save on devices

Affordable Windows 10 devices help make the most of your school’s budget—and your students’ potential.


Get Office for free

Students and teachers can get Office 365 Education free, and access familiar apps and files anywhere, anytime.


All BBC Earth and BBC Learning content © 2018 BBC Studios is used under license to Microsoft, Inc. solely for use in the [Microsoft oceans-related educational modules]. All rights reserved. Any downloading, copying and/or reuse of such content is strictly prohibited to the furthest extent permitted by applicable law.