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Higher education overview and offers

University students are using Windows tablets, PCs and phones to collaborate, create and consume information.

Faculty and staff save at the Microsoft Store

Save 10% or more on all Windows PCs and find special pricing on all software and accessories.

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IT solutions

Connected campus and school experiences
Microsoft provides enterprise-grade IT solutions so schools can easily manage desktop, laptop and tablet devices across all computing platforms.
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Academic research
With access to student data and analytics, school leaders and educators can now gain insights, take proactive action, and improve learning outcomes.
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Student lifecycle and success management
Microsoft platforms can help your institutions attract the best students, create optimum student results, and elevate your institutional performance.
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Teaching and learning
Microsoft teaching and learning technologies create immersive and inclusive experiences for both teachers and students for better outcomes.
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Professional development for faculty

Learn to better connect technology to your teaching with technology-enriched instruction.

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Free faculty resources

Find templates and resources you can use to make classroom management easier as well as technical curriculum resources from Microsoft.

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Solution papers

Technology inspires dynamic 21st-century teaching
To address the learning needs of a diverse student population, faculty need to offer personalized instruction to help students prosper and meet goals...
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Use data to advance institutional performance
University leaders need visibility into all institutional data that show the activities and results that support the university’s strategic plans...
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Accelerating academic research with cloud computing
Research data requires vast, reliable and secure storage, and the cloud makes storing massive amounts of data feasible and cost-effective...
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Learn more about Microsoft IT solutions for education to discover how higher education institutions can utilize technology to enhance learning and streamline school management.

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College students: Upgrade to Windows 10 Education

Get the latest learning tools for student success. With more features than Home or Pro, Windows 10 Education is a must-have. Boost your lessons with latest learning tools for student success. With more features than Home or Pro, Windows 10 Education is a must-have for modern classrooms.

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