K-12 education teacher offers

Get free and discounted tools and resources to help you bring the latest technologies into your classroom—for the greatest learning experiences.

Free Office for teachers and students

If your school provides Office for faculty and staff, you and your students may be eligible to download Office for free.

Check eligibility to download Office for free

Windows 10 Education helps students and teachers do great things. Get a free upgrade to Windows 10.

Learn more about Windows 10 and how to upgrade

10% off Windows devices

Use intuitive, interactive Windows devices to empower communication, collaboration, creativity, and critical thinking anytime, anywhere.

Save 10% on Windows devices and more

More offers

  • Office 365

    Get Office 365 for you and your classroom
  • OneNote

    Create notebooks, deliver curricula, and collaborate with students
  • Skype

    Free virtual collaboration, speakers, and tours
  • Bing

    Free search that’s safer and more private
  • Teacher resources

    Useful resources to manage your class and spark student curiosity
  • Professional development

    Free online and in-person learning resources
  • Classroom workshops

    Teach yourself, enlighten your students at a free Microsoft workshop
  • Education apps

    Find education apps to make learning come to life

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