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Teacher Resources

Find lesson plans, videos, apps, and templates for teachers and more for using technology in the classroom.

Microsoft in the Classroom
Teacher Academy for Windows

Resources for teachers participating in the Windows 8.1 Teacher Academy

Free Office training and tutorials
Teacher Academy for Office

Download training resources to help teachers learn about file storage collaboration and communication with Office 365:

Office apps and add-ons

Make learning come to life by creating engaging lessons with Office

Skype in the Classroom

Travel around the world with 70,000+ other classrooms on a virtual field trip

Bing in the Classroom

Ad-free safe search for schools

Daily lesson plans for using Bing in the Classroom
Advance your technology curriculum

The Microsoft IT Academy (ITA) program provides industry-leading technology skills to help bridge the skills gap. As an IT Academy member, academic institutions, their educators, students and staff get digital curriculum that leads to the pursuit of certifications for fundamental technology skills.

Learn more about IT Academy today

View Video Tips by Teachers about How to Use Windows in the Classroom