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Microsoft Dynamics Academic Alliance

The Microsoft Dynamics Student Certificate Program (MDSCP) supports the use of Microsoft Dynamics products in educational institution curricula, giving students additional opportunities to use real-world solutions across multiple courses. The ability to offer Microsoft Dynamics Student Certificates (MDSC) is reserved exclusively for Academic Members of the Microsoft Dynamics Academic Alliance (DynAA) who meet the program requirements.

Requirements to Earn a Microsoft Dynamics Student Certificate

A student can earn an MDSC from a MDSCP-approved institution by successfully completing a minimum of 100 student activity hours or four European Credit Transfer and Accumulation System (ECTS) credits focused on Microsoft Dynamics in a MDSCP-approved course. Student activity hours or ECTS credits can incorporate multiple Microsoft Dynamics products.

For DynAA Academic Members

The MSDCP provides measurable requirements for educational institutions to differentiate their institution and their students as having significant standards-based exposure to Microsoft Dynamics solutions through coursework.

Application Process for DynAA Academic Members

Educational institution identifies an MDSCP faculty contact and sends this information to Microsoft at to begin the process of becoming an approved MDSCP member and to receive the official MDSCP application.

Identified MDSCP faculty contact submits the following to Microsoft at for consideration:

  • Completed MDSCP application (in English).
  • Course outline/syllabus (in English).
  • Student evaluation method (for example, pass/fail; 4.0 scale; other).

Microsoft reviews the submitted material and determines if the minimum criteria for the MDSCP is achieved.

For Students

The MSDCP provides students the ability to document their familiarity with Microsoft Dynamics in a standardized and recognized way.

Application Process for Students

Speak with your academic advisor about courses offered by your educational institution that qualify you to earn an MDSC.

Enroll in and pass the Microsoft-approved course that exposes you to at least 100 total student activity hours or four ECTS credits of Microsoft Dynamics–related content.

Contact Microsoft at upon completion of the course to complete the required steps to receive your MDSC.

For Employers

The MDSCP allows employers to focus their recruiting efforts on educational institutions producing graduates with a higher level of Microsoft Dynamics product knowledge.

Current Microsoft Dynamics Student Certificate Program member institutions.

Are you an employer looking to verify a Microsoft Dynamics Student Certificate?

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Why should I recruit students from educational institutions offering the MDSCP?

  • These students come from educational institutions that have made the choice to focus a portion of their curriculum on Microsoft Dynamics solutions.
  • Students who earn an MDSC will be better prepared to pursue a Microsoft Dynamics–related career in the future.
  • Forming a relationship with MDSCP educational institutions allows you the opportunity to identify students who may be a good fit for future internships and full-time positions.

Are you a student or faculty member interested in taking a Microsoft Dynamics certification exam?

Microsoft Dynamics certification is the next logical step for those who have earned an MDSC. Microsoft Dynamics certifications are the recognized standard for core Microsoft Dynamics skills. Learn more information about certification exams that are available. Contact Microsoft to learn more about discounts that may be available for students and faculty members interested in taking a certification exam.

Request this information here.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Why earn a Microsoft Dynamics Student Certificate?
    • Add recognized credentials and proof of significant exposure to Microsoft Dynamics ERP and/or CRM solutions to your resume.
    • Differentiate yourself to potential employers by demonstrating your significant exposure to Microsoft Dynamics.
    • Gain a better understanding of the business tools you may be required to use in your future career.
  2. Why would a student choose to earn a Microsoft Dynamics Student Certificate rather than achieve Microsoft Dynamics certification?
    • A student may choose to earn a certificate as a starting point. A certificate helps expose a student to Microsoft Dynamics, giving them a broader knowledge of the product. Students who have achieved an MDSC and who would like to deepen their knowledge are encouraged to pursue full Microsoft Dynamics certification in the future.
    • Students who earn a certificate can differentiate themselves to potential employers by demonstrating their increased exposure to Microsoft Dynamics.
  3. Is an MDSC the same as Microsoft Dynamics certification?
    • A Microsoft Dynamics Student Certificate is not the same as Microsoft Dynamics certification. An MDSC is only available to students and has a different set of requirements. In order to earn Microsoft Dynamics certification, an individual must take and pass an official Microsoft Dynamics certification exam.