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A comparison that's no comparison

How does Office 365 compare to Google Apps? See how they work during a day in the life of a typical student to find out.

    Office 365 Google Apps
    Prepare for School
    When our student prints assignments at home—she knows they'll look how they're supposed to look. The Google App student is concerned about formatting issues at print time—some fonts don't match.
    She can save group presentations to review on the school bus. With Google Apps, she can't edit her group presentation without the Internet.
    Learning at School
    She can access lesson information directly from her teacher's shared OneNote notebook. She gets frustrated with bugs when copying and revising files in Google Docs.
    Organizes information for all subjects in a single digital notebook. Without the ability to tag, catalog or search notes, she becomes disorganized and loses files.
    She easily solves math and chemistry problems with Word add-ins. She can't find supported tools for math or science within Google Apps.
    Learning outside of School
    Reviews audio and video files she recorded in class. She can't record with Google Apps.
    She easily accesses recorded lessons to make up missed work. Can't access and play recorded lessons with Google Apps.
    Work on Group Projects
    Creates a team site with SharePoint to keep everything organized and easily accessible. Learns group members are having problems uploading to Google Sites.
    She can co-author a document with a fellow student using Office 2010 and Word Web App. She tries to co-author an Office document using Cloud Connect, but loses valuable data in the process.
    She can easily follow her group members' input to a document with tracked changes from each student. Requires searching full revision history to trace each student's changes.
    Work with tools for all
    Using accessibility tools, she shares work with blind classmate. Has hard time sharing work with disabled classmates due to poor Google support.
    Gain skills to prepare for real world
    She analyzes complex data sets and presents results. Sees weak workplace demand for Google skills.

    Beyond productive

    Office 365 is more than a collection of apps. It's a collaboration powerhouse.

    Beyond productive