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Send the Chromebook back a grade

See how Windows 8 devices outmatch the Chromebook in this cloud-connected one-on-one.

    Windows 8 Device Chromebook iPad
    Prepare for School
    Our student is able to save her presentation to review and edit while on the school bus. Because Chromebook is a web-based system, the Chromebook student cannot edit her presentation without Internet access.
    Her Windows 8 device is always running the most up-to-date features. The updates run in the background or can be installed when she's not using her device. To update her Chromebook with the latest features, she has to go through several steps and restart her computer.
    Learning at School
    She has the ability to run full programs like Photoshop on her device. Unfortunately, she can only run the limited web app versions of most popular programs.
    Creates a rich presentation using the Office programs she's familiar with, including PowerPoint, Word, and OneNote. Because Google Apps don't provide the familiarity and functionality of Office, she's unable to create as rich a presentation.
    She has the option of storing several large documents and media files on her desktop for quick access when not connected to the Internet. Since her Chromebook is a browser-based device with limited hard drive storage, she is unable to access the majority of her documents or files when not connected to the Web.
    Learning outside of School
    Since Windows 8 supports a large variety of entertainment and productivity apps, she can work even when not online. Because her Chromebook limits her to using web apps, she's unable to get the full experience when she's not online.
    Work on Group Projects
    Using the People app, she can easily find her classmates' contact information from Hotmail, Messenger, Facebook, Twitter, and more all in one place. If she wants to find her classmates' various email addresses and social handles, she has to navigate several different apps.

    A perfect match

    Find the Windows 8 device that's right for your school.

    A perfect match