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Send the Chromebook back a grade

See how Windows 8 devices outmatch the Chromebook in this cloud-connected one-on-one.

    Windows 8 Device Chromebook iPad
    Prepare for School
    A student is able to use a device that fully meets the needs of the student's learning experience. You can pick from any device at a range of price points with features ranging from a standard notebook to 2-in-1's with digital ink. Because Chromebook is a web-based notebook a student or teacher is limited to a web-based notebook.
    Learning at School
    A student has the ability to run full programs like Office Professional Plus on a device. Unfortunately, a student or teacher can only run the limited web app versions of most popular programs.
    Creates a rich presentation using the Office programs a student is familiar with, including PowerPoint, Word, and OneNote. A Chromebook is potentially limited at school due to the bandwidth needs of the Chromebook as well as the potential bandwidth contraints are the school.
    Students have the option of storing several large documents and media files on their desktop for quick access when not connected to the Internet.
    Learning outside of School
    Since Windows 8 supports a large variety of entertainment and productivity apps, student can continue to work even when not online. Since a Chromebook is a browser-based device with limited hard drive storage, a student has to plan ahead and perform extra steps to access the majority of their documents or files when not connected to the Web.
    Work on Group Projects
    A student has the ability to express creativity through OneNote and the digital inking experience provided on a Windows 2-in-1 device.
    Students are able to solve complex problems and data analysis on the full version of Microsoft Excel.
    A Chromebook is limited to touch and type as it is a standard notebook, which can limit the interaction between classmates.

    A perfect match

    Find the Windows 8 device that's right for your school.

    A perfect match