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Windows 8 devices just do more

All the functionality students and educators want in a tablet is just a finger tap away with a Windows 8 device.

    Windows 8 Device iPad Chromebook
    Choosing a Device
    Our student can choose from a variety of devices available in multiple price points from multiple manufacturers. The iPad student can only purchase from Apple and her device lacks critical features.
    Learning at Home
    Can share her device with other family members without worrying about privacy, letting them create their own profile with unique settings. She isn't able to sign out or let her family use the iPad without worrying they'll have access to her information and settings.
    Learning at School
    She's able to play a lecture video and, using the “snap-to-side” feature, she opens OneNote and types notes from the lecture at the same time. Because she can't use two apps at the same time, she's unable to multitask.
    Using Internet Explorer 10, she enjoys secure, fast web performance that supports the latest browser standards. She cannot access websites that feature Flash and Java—significantly limiting her web browsing experience.
    Her Windows 8 device connects to almost all USB peripherals, so she can easily print to her school's printers without a problem. She can also connect wirelessly in many situations. Because her iPad does not have external ports, she can only print to AirPrint-enabled printers.
    Work on Group Projects
    She keeps everyone's contact info in one spot with contact cards, then creates a custom group to easily message everyone at once. Has to pull contact information from multiple sources.
    Uses share charm to quickly share information she found in an app with her classmates. She doesn't have the ability to universally share from any app.
    Working in a place that doesn't have Wi-Fi, she can easily share her files with group members on a thumb drive using her device's USB drive. Because there is no USB port, sharing files without web access is virtually impossible.

    A perfect match

    Find the Windows 8 device that's right for your school.

    A perfect match