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IT management and deployment

Microsoft provides enterprise-grade IT solutions so schools can easily manage desktop, laptop and tablet devices across all computing platforms.

With this flexibility, schools can effectively and efficiently improve IT management and security, while supporting both teachers and students.
Simplify your school’s IT management with Microsoft’s enterprise-level solutions:
  • IT management for devices across all platforms
  • Large-scale device deployments for students, educators and staff
  • Identity and access management
  • Storage, back-up and data recovery
  • Security and safety
IT management for devices across all platforms
Microsoft offers a complete solution: devices, apps, productivity and protection, providing complete mobility solutions to empower your school:
  • Devices and device management.
    • Affordable devices. We offer schools a wide range of affordable Windows-based devices that work with a broad range of peripherals to support all learning styles and existing computing environments.
    • Device management. Only Microsoft provides the enterprise-grade solutions your school needs to enable end-to-end mobility across all computing platforms—including Windows, Android and iOS. Learn more about how to simplify management of apps and devices across platforms with Microsoft Intune. Microsoft also offers solutions for BYOD (when students and teachers use their own devices), including infrastructure and deployment models.
  • Apps and content. Transform teaching and learning by providing the technology students need to know. According to an IDC study on the top skills students need to secure the best jobs, knowledge of Office ranks #3. Office is an essential part of every classroom and we offer Office 365 Education for free. Through Office 365 Education, we not only provide access to all sorts of Microsoft apps, we also make it possible for students, staff and teachers to use Office 365 Education with powerful education solutions.
  • Productivity that empowers teachers and students to learn anywhere, anytime. With Office 365 Education, your users can easily access the productivity apps they’re already familiar with. Microsoft VDI and Microsoft Azure RemoteApp help ensure that they can get their work done on the go, from anywhere.
Large-scale device deployments for students, educators and staff
Microsoft offers guides to deploying Windows in schools. Download or view online step-by-step guidance on how to deploy Windows in schools.
Windows 10 deployment
Learn how to upgrade devices running the Windows 7 operating system to Windows 10, and how to manage devices, apps, and users in Windows 10.  For the best experience, use this guide in tandem with the TechNet Virtual Lab: IT Pro Try-It-Out.
View online
Windows 10 in the classroom
Discover how to personalize devices running Windows 10 for the classroom and use the built-in apps to make learning more productive and effective. For the best experience, use this guide in tandem with the TechNet Virtual Lab: Teacher Try-It-Out.
View online
Windows 8.1 Deployment Planning
Explore key considerations and questions that should be answered when planning for Windows 8.1 deployment.
View online | Download
Explore Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) considerations, including device types, infrastructure, and deployment models.
View online | Download
Windows 8.1 Deployment to PCs
Get an overview of Windows 8.1 deployment to PCs in an educational environment.
View online | Download
Virtual Desktop Infrastructure
Learn how to address challenges related to BYOD scenarios using Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI).
View online | Download
Windows Store Apps
Explore Windows Store app deployment strategies and considerations for educational institutions running Windows 8.1.
View online | Download
Going Digital to Transform Teaching and Learning
Learn how Manteca USD carefully planned, then deployed new Windows devices to all students and teachers and quickly transformed teaching and learning.
Identity and access management
Microsoft provides schools with simple and secure access management so you can centrally manage identities across your datacenter and the cloud, providing secure, single sign-on to all of your applications:
  • Easily manage identity
  • Simplify adoption of cloud services
  • Self-service password reset so students can easily reset their own passwords without IT intervention
  • Unified access that provides a single log-in for multiple applications across both Microsoft and 3rd party applications
  • Require additional authentication when needed
Watch: Hybrid Identity helps make users more productive.

Read more about Azure Active Directory cloud identity and access management solutions and Windows Server 2012 R2 access and information protection solutions.

Storage, back-up and data recovery
Microsoft offers cost-effective storage for teachers and students, and provides high performance storage solutions for schools that need to ensure data is backed up and recoverable.
  • Ample storage for teachers and students. From documents to email and video calls to cloud storage, Office 365, Skype, OneNote, and OneDrive provide everything your students and teachers need to create and learn.
  • Automate storage and backup in Windows. Take advantage of automatic backups in Windows to ensure that files aren't permanently lost or damaged – without having to remember to back up.
  • High performance storage for schools. Using hardware you already have, combined with Microsoft StorSimple, you can easily set up optimized hybrid storage that grows into the cloud as your needs increase. Learn more about cloud storage options.
  • Data backup and recovery. Decrease downtime and protect your on-premises data – including academic research data – at a low cost using Microsoft Azure. SQL Server backup and disaster recovery can be set up and managed directly within SQL Server Management Studio, leveraging your existing technology. Learn more about backup and recovery.
  • Data center fail-over. Copy your services and virtual machines into Azure, and eliminate service interruptions while paying only when you use the backups.
Security and safety
Manage the security and privacy of everything from school data, academic research, personal privacy, online safety of students, and more.
It’s all possible with the Microsoft Enterprise Mobility Suite

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