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Business management
Manage your school or campus efficiently and effectively on Microsoft’s hybrid cloud platform. Microsoft and our partners offer schools enterprise-level IT solutions for:
  • Facilities and energy management
  • Transportation
  • Safety and security
  • Finance management and procurement
Efficient and effective school and campus management systems
Microsoft can empower schools to make improvements to the business of managing schools, including managing infrastructure and services, through actionable data. Explore ways to improve the efficiency of your school or campus with Microsoft’s data platform and partner solutions.

Facilities and energy management

Lower energy consumption and carbon emissions

Help your school or campus run efficiently with technology solutions for facilities and energy management from Microsoft partners. With valued partners, schools and campuses can:

  • Save money. Schools report a 10-20% annual energy savings.
  • Monitor, analyze and reduce energy consumption.
  • Detect and prevent equipment failure.


Efficiently manage school transportation and parking while reducing environmental impact

Schools and districts are often responsible for managing transportation for their districts, including the details of bus operations, fleet management, traffic safety, and parking management for multiple school campuses. This can be a daunting task whether you have a small or large fleet of vehicles. Microsoft transportation solutions provide a 360-degree view of operations. As a result, schools can improve and efficiently manage bus service, promote safety, and strive to reduce environmental impact and costs.

Microsoft partner solutions are available to help schools with transportation management including:

  • Transportation safety
  • Asset and fleet management
  • Parking management

Safety and security

Monitor the safety and security of student, faculty, and staff

Microsoft and select partners can help integrate emergency notifications and video and location monitoring to help you ensure physical safety of students, faculty and staff and manage emergency situations.

  • Emergency notifications and management solutions. Communicate with all members of the institution in cases of disaster and communicate emergencies quickly to all faculty and staff.
  • Video monitoring. Use video monitoring to track out-of-place activities and staff and students in real-time.
  • Summon help. GPS-connected panic button apps and hardware help pinpoint the location of a call for help.

Financial management and procurement

School finances, reimagined

Microsoft solutions can help school leaders assess and control risk, optimize productivity, and find ways to reduce costs, all while ensuring that your school and campuses run efficiently. Microsoft and our partner solutions help finance managers:

  • Assess and control financial risk through actionable data in a time of shrinking school funding and endowments.
  • Manage budget allocation.
  • Oversee and manage student costs and debt.

If your school or district selected SAP as your core ERP solution, Microsoft Dynamics AX can help you make the most of your investment by optimizing and connecting your operations, while maintaining the single source of enterprise business information that you benefit from with SAP. You can host SAP on the Microsoft cloud using your existing license. Learn more about making the most of your SAP implementation with Microsoft Dynamics AX.

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  • Carnegie Mellon cuts energy use by 20% with cloud machine learning

    Carnegie Mellon University (CMU) uses Microsoft Azure and the PI System™ from Microsoft Global ISV partner OSIsoft to reduce building maintenance and energy costs.

  • Peirce School reduces energy use and costs with cloud-based solution

    Peirce School in Arlington, Massachusetts uses the Microsoft Azure cloud computing platform to host ICONICS and monitor heating and cooling equipment. The system reduced energy consumption and cut contractor costs by 15 percent.

  • Marquette University

    University gains cost-effective disaster recovery solution with Windows Server software upgrade.

  • University of Puerto Rico at Humacao

    University improves campus security, enables emergency notifications with mobile app using Microsoft Azure, Office 365, and Windows Phone.

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