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Microsoft works with schools to help them envision how their school can be innovative and integrate technology.
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Limitless potential lives within every student, educator, and school. Together we can unlock this potential by providing technology that empowers educators and inspires students. Microsoft solutions transform classrooms and expand the power of education.

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Evaluation tools
Use these surveys to find out assess your school. They’re free, anonymous, and confidential—and a great starting point. Preview the questions.

  • Leader survey - Take a five-minute online survey to reflect on how you think your school is doing.
  • Administrator and teacher survey - Send out a 10-minute online survey to get your staff’s feedback.

Transformation framework

The Microsoft in Education Transformation Framework is a guide for educators and school leaders engaged in holistic education transformation. The critical conversations needed for effective transformation of education systems are the focus of this series of papers. Each expert author presents a global perspective on the topic through the current thinking and evidence from research and practice, as well as showcase examples. Specifically, the papers document the contributions of anytime anywhere approaches to K-12 learning and explore the potential of new technology for transforming learning outcomes for students and their communities.

Summary: Transformation Framework Overview (.PDF)

Topics in detail (also .PDFs):

Technology solutions

Use a variety of enterprise-level IT solutions from Microsoft to help your school or campus run efficiently.

Showcase Schools Program

Collaborate with more than 150 of the world’s most visionary schools—those with strong school-wide learning environments based on the latest technologies. Together, they’re working to improve education faster by sharing their experiences. As a Showcase School (selected by Microsoft each year) or Associate Showcase School (self-selected), you can:
  • Share best practices with exemplary schools worldwide
  • Engage with global school leaders of identified high-impact schools in an exclusive community
  • Participate in regional and international events
  • Access to informal and formal professional learning opportunities for leaders, staff, and students
  • Take advantage of product trials and special deals
  • Get priority support from Microsoft
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Read about research projects that can help you decide how to use technology in your school.
  • Office ranks #3 on a list of top skills for students
    An IDC study reveals that Microsoft Office is one of the most important skills required for tomorrow’s best jobs, making it an essential part of every classroom. When your school uses it, your teachers and students get hands-on experience. Plus, they can get Office 365 Education for free. You can help them develop even more skills by providing access to Microsoft IT Academy, which offers technology curricula and certifications at greatly reduced prices.

  • Digital pens aid learning more than keyboards
    Research presented in the paper Computer Interfaces and their Impact on Learning shows that digital pens more accurately accommodate how we think than keyboards. That means you can enhance learning and problem-solving by providing digital pens in your classrooms.

  • Microsoft supports educational research
    To advance education, Microsoft Research partners with universities on conferences, fellowships, and research and travel grants—and with universities and other schools and institutions on innovative curricula. Microsoft also supports the Innovative Teaching and Learning (ITL) research project, which aims to transform education by integrating technology. Among its findings, ITL’s 21st Century Learning Design materials inform a professional development program to help you develop innovative pedagogies.

School Stories

  • Potential is Endless in Manteca, California

    Young students are delivering PowerPoint presentations, teachers are managing their classes with OneNote, and seniors are graduating with technology skills that will help them in their futures. See how this unlikely district led massive learning transformation.

  • Chester County School District

    Find out why a school Principal kissed a pig in front of hundreds of students and hear about the success of the district’s hiTEC 1:1 initiative which a Microsoft Windows 8 tablet with Office 365 into the hands of every high school student and now 8th-graders.

  • Leon County Schools 1:1 Digital Initiative

    See how teachers are using Windows 8 tablets in the classroom and the impact using the devices has had on student engagement.

  • Miami Dade County School District

    Miami-Dade County Public School District share their enthusiasm for providing over 100K Windows 8.1 tablet devices for their students.

  • Fresno Unified School District rolls out 15,000 Windows 8.1 devices

    Fresno Unified rolls out 15,000 Windows tablets to meet testing requirements and to support their 1:1 device vision.

  • Managing shared devices

    Microsoft empowers schools with Windows 8 manageability solutions.

  • Preparing students for the workforce

    Students at Willis Independent School District use Windows 8 devices that will prepare students prepare to enter the 21st century world of college and the workforce.

  • Anytime, anywhere learning

    Broadclyst Primary School makes anytime, anywhere learning a reality.

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