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Create Innovative Schools

Microsoft works with schools to help them envision how their school can be innovative and integrate technology.

Steps and Resources to Become an Innovative School
Evaluate your school
Evaluate the current state of innovative teaching in their school or district.
  • Self-reflection tool. Take a five minute self-reflection survey to learn more about how your school uses technology for management and learning.
  • School evaluation. This free, online school evaluation tool is an anonymous and confidential way to send online surveys to educators, staff, and school leaders in your school or district to get a 360 degree assessment of how a school is implementing innovative teaching practices.
Embark on a Holistic Education Transformation
The Microsoft in Education Transformation Framework is a guide for educators and leaders engaged in holistic education transformation. The critical conversations needed for effective transformation of education systems are the focus of this series. Each paper in this series presents a global perspective on the topic through the current thinking and evidence from research and practice, as well as showcase examples. Specifically, the papers document the contributions of anytime anywhere approaches to K-12 learning and explore the potential of new technology for transforming learning outcomes for students and their communities.

Start by reading the Microsoft in Education Transformation Framework Overview

Download the Transformation Framework Papers available to download as PDF files:
Create Innovative Schools
  • Provide a teaching and learning environment that is agile, adaptable, and in tune with students’ lives outside of the classroom and ensure students are prepared for college and the workforce.
  • Download the Creating Innovative Schools Framework which provides a starting point for schools initiating the process of change and for schools already on this journey. This framework includes activities and resources for school innovation.
Manage Schools and Campuses Efficiently
Microsoft offers enterprise-level IT solutions to empower schools and campuses to run efficiently. Solutions include:
Provide Teachers with Training and Resources
Find tools as well as free online and in-person training for teachers, staff, and school leaders.
Connect with Other School Leaders
Connect with Other School Leaders