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Prepare Students for the Future

Microsoft partners with school leaders and educators to improve student outcomes, increase the desire to learn, and ensure students have the skills they need to succeed in college and the workforce.

Resources for School Leaders
1:1 Learning

Many schools and districts are implementing 1:1 device programs to support intense personalized, extended learning that build 21st century skills among students. To help schools through this process, we provide the Design and Deployment Guide for 1:1 Learning. This guide helps school leaders implement a successful 1:1 learning program in which each student has a portable, fully functional device for learning. Find a five phase approach to 21st century learning so your school can envision, plan, deploy, implement, evaluate, and expand technology use to ensure a successful 1:1 learning program.

Empowering Students with Technology Skills

Office for Students and Teachers. Microsoft Office is one of the top skills required for tomorrow’s best jobs. See infographic about the top skills students need for future success and read more about the IDC report. To ensure students can develop Office skills, read about how your school can get Office free. If your school provides Office, students and teachers could be eligible to get Office 365 Education for free. Read the announcement or learn more about Office and check if you are eligible.

Technology Skills. With Microsoft IT Academy, academic institutions and their educators, students, and staff get digital curriculum and certifications for technology skills at significantly reduced pricing. Read more about resources for students.

Education Apps for Windows
Apps are transforming learning. Thousands of education apps are available in the Windows Marketplace from early learning games to study aids as well as apps that will help teachers manage the classroom. Discover the top 100 education apps by subject and grade level and find Windows apps for education.
Evaluate your School
  • Self-reflection tool. Take a five minute self-reflection survey to learn more about how your school uses technology for management and learning. The self-reflection provides a starting point for schools initiating the process of change and for schools already on this journey.
  • Whole school evaluation tool. This free, online school evaluation tool is an anonymous and confidential way to send online surveys to educators, staff, and school leaders in your school or district to get a 360 degree assessment of how a school is implementing innovative teaching practices. Preview some of the questions and learn more about this research evaluation tool.
Education Solutions
Transform and modernize your school or college campus. Microsoft offers enterprise-level IT solutions to empower schools and campuses to run efficiently. Solutions include:
Training and Professional Development

School Stories

  • Leon County Schools 1:1 Digital Initiative
    Leon County Schools 1:1 Digital Initiative
    See how teachers are using Windows 8 tablets in the classroom and the impact using the devices has had on student engagement.
  • Miami Dade County School District
    Miami Dade County School District
    Miami-Dade County Public School District share their enthusiasm for providing over 100K Windows 8.1 tablet devices for their students.
  • Fresno Unified School District rolls out 15,000 Windows 8.1 devices
    Fresno Unified School District rolls out 15,000 Windows 8.1 devices
    Fresno Unified rolls out 15,000 Windows tablets to meet testing requirements and to support their 1:1 device vision.
  • Managing shared devices
    Managing shared devices
    Microsoft empowers schools with Windows 8 manageability solutions.
  • Preparing students for the workforce
    Preparing students for the workforce
    Students at Willis Independent School District use Windows 8 devices that will prepare students prepare to enter the 21st century world of college and the workforce.
  • Anytime, anywhere learning
    Anytime, anywhere learning
    Broadclyst Primary School makes anytime, anywhere learning a reality.