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Transforming your school system?

School systems are faced with both a challenge and an extraordinary opportunity. The chance to rethink and reinvent education to support our most valuable asset: youth.

Why do some countries succeed?
How can we learn from their experience?

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1. Fast track success

The Microsoft Education Transformation Framework helps fast track system-wide transformation by summarizing decades of quality research. Quickly see what global leaders are recommending and tap into their best practice and experience.

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2. Start the conversation

Introduce your stakeholders to the ten components of successful transformation with the Microsoft Education Transformation Framework poster. Then use it to identify your readiness stage - developing leadership and policy, or implementing 21st century pedagogy - and select objectives that fall within your vision.

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Illustration displaying the ten critical components of school transformation.

3. Ten critical components of school transformation

To scaffold the transformation model, Microsoft has worked with leading academics to develop a suite of executive overviews and whitepapers under two broad areas: Leadership and policy and 21st century pedagogy These provide evidence and examples of successful transformation and show how technology can enable progress. Use them to define your scope and open discussion with stakeholders.

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