• Potential is endless in Manteca, California
    Young students are delivering PowerPoint presentations, teachers are managing their classes with OneNote, and seniors are graduating with technology skills that will help them in their futures. See how this unlikely district led massive learning transformation.
  • Windows: Reimagined for learning
    Windows delivers the best computing environment for education, with the personal experiences that students and teachers love, and the management tools that administrators need so that everyone is ready for class.
  • Empowering education through problem-based learning at Sammamish High School
    See how Sammamish High School in Bellevue, Washington has had a whole-school transformation utilizing a problem-based learning pedagogy.
  • Today's classroom: Beyond four walls

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                • We’re moving away from seeing it as just another subject taught in schools and looking at it as an integral tool that students use in all subjects. For us, that means ensuring that technology is available to everyone, and we don’t just have a few computers in the back of the classroom that students take turns using.

                  Paul Foster

                  Chief Information Officer, Springfield Public Schools

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                • We needed a solution that would help our university cope with contemporary changes. In mid-2013, before the upcoming academic year, we wondered how to engage Gen Y students even harder in the learning process. Dell  tablets with Intel and Microsoft solutions will help us develop a new method of teaching and achieve the goal.

                  Jaroslaw Malysza

                  Project Manager, Kozminski University

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                • The Kids are more engaged- they love it! Learning is fun to them now, it takes it to the next level.

                  Alexandra Adams

                  4th grade teacher, Buck Lake Elementary

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                • Seton Hall University’s mobile computer program recognizes that access to technology is a prerequisite for student academic success- and so we provide students with a full suite of technology to help them in their classes and their academic careers.

                  Stephen G Landry, PhD

                  Chief Information Officer, Seton Hall University

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                • I’m trying to create the most powerful teaching and learning environment on the planet, I want to remove constraints, and the Surface Pro 3 lets us do that.

                  Robert Baker

                  Director of Technology, Cincinnati Country Day School

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                • My students have become very empowered. Really there is nothing they can't do - if they can think it, they can create it.

                  Patrick Marino

                  4th Grade Teacher, Easterby Elementary

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                • Today, education must not be restricted to bell-to-bell instruction. Instruction must be an anytime, anywhere activity that meets students where they are and takes them to proficiency. If they have devices, they can be connected both at school and at home, which greatly expands their ability to continue learning beyond the school bell.

                  Alberto M. Carvalho

                  Superintendent, Miami-Dade County Schools

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                • We are moving away from simply using the devices to read, to scan, to jot down information. We are now using the devices in the program to be involved in collaboration in a way we couldn’t on the last platform.

                  Shelly Turek

                  Coordinating Teaching and Learning, Yr. 7 & 8

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                • Our kids are completely self motivated and self driven and I can be the guide on the side rather than the sage on the stage.

                  Joe Barbara

                  English Teacher, Willis Independent School District

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                • The bank was very impressed by the energy savings it achieved using Carnegie Mellon’s dashboards and Power BI for Office 365. It was able to reduce plug load energy consumption by 30 percent.

                  Bertrand Lasternas

                  Center for Building Performance and Diagnostics

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                • Microsoft Azure is enabling us to keep up with the data deluge in the DNA sequencing space. We’re not only analyzing data faster, but analyzing it more intelligently.

                  Wu Feng

                  Professor of Computer Science, Virginia Tech

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                • By basing our IT environment on multiple Microsoft solutions working seamlessly together, we make teachers’ jobs easier, we improve students’ education, and we greatly simplify IT administration.

                  Andreas Ojahill

                  Head of IT and Telecommunication Dept.

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                • If an education institution has licensed all its employees for Office 365 ProPlus or Office Professional, then we can provide Office 365 ProPlus to all students at no additional costs.

                  Hartmut Plehn, Manager

                  University of Bamburg Computer Center

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                • We are using Lync 2013 to distribute more information to more people, which makes the educational experience so much better for the student. There is no price tag you can put on that.

                  Troy Neal

                  Director of Technology, YES Prep Public Schools

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                • One of the big advantages of using the AlwaysOn-Learning solution is that through Microsoft Office 365 each learner has access to 7 GB of storage space in her personal OneDrive.

                  Lyneth Crighton

                  ICT Coordinator, Brescia House School

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                • Thanks to SharePoint 2013, our employees can get to information within minutes… This relieves researchers of the drudgery of locating information and gives them more time for research.

                  Stephan Leiter

                  Chief Information Officer, University of Graz

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                • We were looking for simple ways to engage with students for things such as collecting notes or doing a poll from anywhere. Even for students with limited access to the Internet, this technology allows better quality engagement.

                  Garry Johnston

                  HeadIT Director, Wintec

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                • Two million university students and staff members are already taking advantage of cloud technology through Office 365 for education, and this landmark partnership with OBEC will increase the number of users to more than 10 million. This enables schools and universities across Thailand to create massive repositories of knowledge that can be accessed and shared anywhere, any time, and on any device in a secured and trusted environment.

                  Haresh Khoobchandani

                  HeadManaging Director of Microsoft

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                • Through the hybrid cloud … we now have a user-driven, automated infrastructure that meets customer demands, frees up staff time, and is as effective, modern, and consumer-focused as any website.

                  Huw Michael

                  HeadRoyal Holloway, University of London Technical Architect

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                • We were looking for simple ways to engage with students for things such as collecting notes or doing a poll from anywhere. Even for students with limited access to the Internet, this technology allows better quality engagement.

                  Garry Johnston

                  IT Director, Wintec

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                • Our university is the first to introduce a full shift to the cloud. We also started from scratch with processing data quantities and setting operating rules. We succeeded thanks to Microsoft Azure.

                  Kazuya Tago

                  Head of the Media Center, Tokyo University of Technology

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                • We haven’t once regretted our decision to move to Office 365. Microsoft provided great tools to make migration as smooth as possible, and Office 365 is an excellent platform…

                  Philippe Van Laethem

                  IT Manager, Erasmus Hogeschool

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                • With our portfolio of cloud and on-premises Microsoft technology, we are able to better fulfill our mission as a top teaching and research university and attract the best students.

                  Professor Giuseppe Novelli

                  University of Rome

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