Microsoft’s Enterprise Engineering Center (EEC) owes its existence to a simple idea:  We expect to be the industry’s greatest validation and collaboration laboratory.

Visitors are awed by this facility.  We’re racked with world-class hardware and staffed with an incredibly talented and passionate team.  Because we're located on the Redmond campus (at the epicenter of Microsoft’s product development teams) we are able to bring together Microsoft’s customers, partners and product group engineers in order to validate tomorrow’s enterprise solutions.


At no charge to our customers, we host a wide variety of focused engagement opportunities.  Our “currency” is customer feedback that drives ever improved customer satisfaction and adoption of Microsoft’s solutions.

We have great expectations about doing the highest impact work with motivated customers.  How do we work for you?  By hosting engagements that push the latest technologies, challenging scenarios, complicated solution stacks that are not well understood or adequately vetted – this is when we’re earning our keep.

If you’re willing to invest some time and effort in pushing Microsoft to deliver the very best enterprise solutions; if you are just as passionate as we are about the technology that drives businesses forward; if you want a secure opportunity to validate pre-release solutions in a replica of your corporate IT infrastructure - this is the place for you.