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This is the new TechNet Evaluation Center

Customized. Connected. Cool.

We’d like to introduce you to the new TechNet Evaluation Center—built to bring you a better evaluation experience on your laptop, tablet, or phone. It is customized based on your own personal experiences, connected to community and social sites, and includes cool new features to make your day job just a bit easier.

The new experience helps you keep track of your evaluations, valuable resources, and community connections. In addition you’ll be kept up to date on new releases, site updates, and more. Start using the site today and chart your own personal evaluation path forward.

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Your customized experience begins when you sign-in to the new TechNet Evaluation Center, immediately enabling your My Evaluations page. Think of the My Evaluations page as your own, personal evaluation control center—a place for you to track the history of your evaluations, virtual labs, and Tech Journeys—as well as organize your many resources.

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Try an Evaluation

To begin an evaluation, simply click Evaluate Now in the top navigation bar and select your desired product.

Try an Evaluation 1


This will take you to the product family page for the product you’ve selected. Here, all of the product evaluation information is at your fingertips—download details, pre-install information, evaluation resources, and more. Click Download, select your file type, complete registration, and download the file. Monitor the progress of your download with the embedded status bar in the top toolbar. Additionally, you can monitor your download status from the My Actions drop down menu. Here you will see your download status, along with options to pause or cancel the download process

Try an Evaluation 2

FIND YOUR PRODUCT KEY: If your evaluation requires a product key, the key will be displayed in the Download details section immediately following registration completion. For security reasons, the product key will disappear when you leave the page. Copy the product key down so you can access it after your download completes. To regain access to the key you’ll need to re-register for the download.

PID key info

Following download completion, the evaluation will be added to the Evaluations tile on your My Evaluations page—allowing you to track your progress, share, and more.

Try an Evaluation 3

Go on a Tech Journey

Explore, Try, and Learn the newest Microsoft solutions, which guide you along a Tech Journey learning path to understanding how you can bring these solutions to life.

Go on a Tech Journey

Pin It

The new Evaluation Center includes evaluation resources galore. But what if you want to read a white paper and don’t necessarily have the time right now? With the pin feature you can pin the white paper and it’s automatically added to your Resources tile—giving you the flexibility to read it when you’ve got the time. And a time estimate is also included for most resources, so you’ll have an idea of how much time it will take to get through each individual resource.

Pin It

Track Progress

You have the ability to keep track of your progress as you try evaluations, learn online, explore white papers, and more. The square icon to the right of every resource allows you to mark the resource as not started, in progress or completed.

Track Progress


Connecting with others—from product experts to your internal IT team—is essential when evaluating new products and solutions. The Evaluation Center helps you connect more easily with new community and sharing features.


Access to product and solution experts is always at your fingertips on your My Evaluations page. As you evaluate new products and solutions, social resources will be added to your Community tile, helping you make those essential community connections.




You found some great insights in the white paper you just read— what if you want share it with your team? Share it across multiple social channels when you click the share icon to the right of the white paper.



Built-in to make your day job just a bit easier—the Evaluation Center includes some cool new features.

Tools & Tips

If you enjoy finding new and better ways of doing things then you’ll want to check out the Tools & Tips tile. As you try different product evaluations you’ll find resources targeted to where you are throughout your evaluation experience. Here you’ll be guided from initial setup through deployment and purchase.

Tools and Tips

Highlights Bar

Another cool feature to help you find more resources and additional experiences is the highlights bar, located at the top of every page. Here we’ll provide options for you to Explore, Try, and Learn based on your past actions.

Highlights Bar

Explore, Try, and Learn

Get a pre-sorted view of evaluation resources by purpose, when you click into the Explore, Try, and Learn experiences. Explore will surface documents, guidance, white papers, and similar support materials. Try will surface resources for getting hands-on with products and solutions—including virtual labs, guided experiences, and trials. Learn will surface online learning opportunities for you to improve your skills. 

Explore Try Learn

Advanced Search

Easy to access. Advanced filters. Content that’s easy to save and organize. These are just a few of the search benefits the new Evaluation Center provides. Collapsible, advanced search filters are available throughout your evaluation experience, giving you the power to find what you need. The content is displayed in a user-friendly view, with the ability to pin and save resources relevant to you.



Thank you for checking out the new TechNet Evaluation Center. 


TechNet Evaluation Experience Team