Exporting Information

  • ECCN

    The Bureau of Industry and Security (BIS) of United States Department of Commerce maintains the Commerce Control List(CCL) that includes items (commodities, software, and technology) subject to the authority of BIS. Items to be exported must be classified according to the CCL and assigned the corresponding Export Control Classification Number (ECCN). This is the fundamental designation indicating the classification for an item.

    The ECCN determination depends on the technical characteristics of the product. Microsoft proceeds with the classification for all of its products and technologies prior to their release to market.

    Customers and partners who proceed with the export of a Microsoft product may use the ECCN provided by Microsoft to complete the Automated Export System (AES) or other documentation required for the export operation.

    The classification assigned to Microsoft software products typically fall under one of those ECCNs:

    • 5D002 - Information Security – Software - Data confidentiality encryption item

    • 5D992 - Information Security - Software - Mass Market encryption item

    • EAR99 - Not controlled by other categories, but subject to EAR

    • Not Subject to EAR - ECCN is shown as "N/A" in the table

    While ECCN’s for Microsoft products are provided in order to facilitate export operations, the exporter is responsible for complying with the Export Administration Regulations (EAR). Given the appropriate ECCN, you should consult the Export Administration Regulations (EAR) or your export counsel to determine the appropriate license type and eligible countries for export purposes.

    Schedule B and Harmonized System Codes

    In the United States, numbers used to classify exported products are called “Schedule B” numbers. The U.S. Census Bureau administers the Schedule B system. Schedule B numbers, not HS numbers, must be provided on the Shippers’ Export Declaration (SED).

    The Harmonized System (HS) is the standardized coding of names and numbers used in international trade to classify products.

    The basic HS code contains 6-digits, known as a subheading. The Schedule B is a 10-digit code built upon the first 6 digits of the HS code.

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Product Family
US HTS Number

Microsoft Software

Note that for software, the following Schedule B and HTS codes apply:
  • Software on CD/DVD or other optical media: 8523492010
  • Software on USB or other solid state media: 8523510000
  • Gaming software on CD/DVD or other optical media: 8523494000
  • Software (game and computer) license on printed card for download, activation, or subscription (media less): 4911100080
Product FamilyProductECCNLicenseStatusCCATSUS HTSSchedule B #
Developer.NET Framework (All versions)5D992.cNLRMass MarketG076405
OfficeAccess (All versions)5D992.cNLRMass MarketG049058
CloudAzure5D992.cNLRMass MarketN/A
Windows ServerBackOffice Server (All versions )5D992.cNLRMass MarketG028162
WindowsBitlocker5D992.cNLRMass MarketN/A
BizTalkBizTalk Server (All versions)5D992.cNLRMass MarketG058877
Commerce ServerCommerce Server (All versions)5D992.cNLRMass MarketN/A
SQL ServerDuet For Microsoft and SAP5D992.cNLRMass MarketG055236
DynamicsDynamics AX (All versions)5D992.cNLRMass MarketG069114
DynamicsDynamics CRM (All versions)5D992.cNLRMass MarketG069363
DynamicsDynamics NAV (All versions)5D992.cNLRMass MarketG069116
GamesEncarta (All versions)EAR99NLRN/AN/A
OfficeExcel (All versions)5D992.cNLRMass MarketG048625
ExchangeExchange Conferencing Server(All versions )5D992.cNLRMass MarketG031389
ExchangeExchange Server (All versions)5D992.cNLRMass MarketG074995
ExpressionExpression Studio5D992NLRN/AN/A
FastFast Data Search5D992NLRN/AN/A
Flight SimulatorFlight Simulator (All versions)EAR99NLRN/AN/A
ForefrontForefront Client Security5D992.cNLRMass MarketG050575
ForefrontForefront Identity Manager(All releases)5D992.cNLRMass MarketG073033
ForefrontForefront Threat Management Gateway5D992NLRMass MarketN/A
ForefrontForefront Unified Access Gateway (UAG)5D992NLRMass MarketN/A
FrontpageFrontPage (All versions)5D992.cNLRMass MarketG031793
SNA ServerHost Integration Server (All versions )5D992NLRN/AN/A
ForefrontIdentity Life Cycle Manager (ILM)(All versions )5D992.cNLRMass MarketG073033
OfficeInfoPath (All versions)5D992NLRN/AN/A
IEInternet Explorer (All versions)Not SubjectN/AN/AN/A
ForefrontInternet Security and Acceleration Server (ISA)5D992.cNLRMass MarketN/A
OfficeLive Communications Server5D992.cNLRMass MarketG031731
OfficeLive Meeting Client Pro & Std5D992.cNLRMass MarketG040545
OfficeLync (All versions)5D992.cNLRMass MarketG045961
MapPointMapPoint (All versions)5D992NLRN/AN/A
DynamicsMicrosoft Business Solutions (All versions)5D992.cNLRMass MarketN/A
DeveloperMicrosoft Data Access Components (All versions)5D992NLRN/AN/A
EdgeMicrosoft Edge (All versions)Not Subject
GamesMicrosoft game titles (All gaming platforms)EAR99NLRN/AN/A
Microsoft R ServerMicrosoft R ServerEAR99NLRN/AN/A
System CenterMicrosoft System Center (All versions)5D992.cNLRMass MarketG078157
Windows MobileMobile Media (All versions )5D992NLRN/AN/A
MoneyMoney (All versions)5D992NLRMass MarketN/A
DeveloperMSDN libraryEAR99NLRN/AN/A
DOSMS-DOS (All versions)EAR99NLRN/AN/A
Windows ServerNetWare (All versions )5D992NLRN/AN/A
OfficeOffice (All versions)5D992.cNLRMass MarketG078310
OfficeOffice Accounting Express (All versions)5D992.cNLRMass MarketG060498
OfficeOffice Communicator (All versions)5D992.cNLRMass MarketG045961
OfficeOffice Groove (All versions)5D992.cNLRMass MarketG048480
OfficeOffice InfoPath Forms Server (All versions)5D992.cNLRMass MarketG049059
OfficeOffice Live Communications Server (All versions)5D992.cNLRMass MarketG047146
OfficeOneNote (All versions)EAR99NLRN/AN/A
OfficeOffice SharePoint Designer (All versions)5D992.cNLRMass MarketG048625
OfficeOffice SharePoint Server (All versions)5D992.cNLRMass MarketG048625
OfficeOffice Visio (All versions)EAR99NLRN/AN/A
System CenterOperations Manager (MOM) (All versions )5D992NLRN/AN/A
OfficeOutlook (All versions)5D992.cNLRMass MarketG050574
PhotoDrawPhotoDraw (All versions)EAR99NLRN/AN/A
Power BIPower BI5D992.cNLRN/AN/A
OfficePowerPoint (All versions )5D992.cNLRMass MarketG031792
SQL ServerProClarity (All versions)5D992.cNLRMass MarketG048958
OfficeProject (All versions)5D992.cNLRMass MarketG060498
OfficeProject Portfolio Server (All versions)5D992.cNLRMass MarketG060498
OfficePublisher (All versions)5D992.cNLRMass MarketG060498
OfficeSharePoint (All versions)5D992.cNLRMass MarketG078310
DeveloperSilverlight (All versions)5D992.cNLRMass MarketG068816
Windows ServerSite Server (All versions)5D992NLRN/AN/A
SkypeSkype software and Skype Kit (All versions)5D992NLRMass MarketG047973
Windows ServerSmall Business Server Essentials (All versions)5D992.cNLRMass MarketG072651
SNA ServerSNA Server (All Editions)5D992NLRN/AN/A
VirtualizationSoftGrid (All prior versions)5D992.cNLRMass MarketG050304
SQL ServerSQL Server (All versions)5D992.cNLRMass MarketG065307
StorSimpleStorSimple Appliance5A992.cNLRMass MarketG153017
GamesStreets & Trips Software (All versions)EAR99NLRN/AN/A
System CenterSystems Management Server (All versions)5D992NLRN/AN/A
MoneyTaxSaver (All versions)5D992NLRMass MarketN/A
Visual StudioVisual C++ (All versions)5D992NLRN/AN/A
Visual StudioVisual InterDev (All versions)5D992NLRN/AN/A
Visual StudioVisual J++ (All versions)5D992NLRN/AN/A
Visual StudioVisual Studio (All versions)5D992.cNLRN/AG076405
DeveloperWeb Services Enhancements (WSE)5D992.cNLRMass MarketG045413
Windows EmbeddedWindows CE Platform Builder (All versions)5D992.cNLRMass MarketN/A
Windows EmbeddedWindows Embedded Operating System (All versions)5D992.cNLRMass MarketG135250
Windows liveWindows Live Suite (including Windows Live Messenger)Not SubjectN/AN/AN/A
DeveloperWindows Media SDK5D992NLRN/AN/A
Windows MobileWindows Mobile (All versions)5D992.cENCUnrestrictedG054051
WindowsWindows Operating System (All versions)5D992.cNLRMass MarketG160719
Windows ServerWindows Server (All versions)5D992.cNLRN/AG144185
Windows ServerWindows Services for Unix (All versions )5D992NLRN/AN/A
OfficeWindows SharePoint Services5D992.cNLRMass MarketG048648
OfficeWord (All versions)5D992.cNLRMass MarketG031792

Microsoft Hardware, Accessories, and Devices

Product FamilyProductECCNLicenseStatusCCATSUS HTSSchedule B #
Printed MatterCertificate of Authenticity (COA)EAR99NLRN/AN/A49119980004911990000
HoloLensHoloLens ClickerEAR99NLRN/AN/A84716090508471609050
HoloLensHoloLens5A992CNLRMass MarketG16547184714101508471410150
AccessoriesKeyboards - Wired or Wireless (No AES Encryption)EAR99NLRN/AN/A84716020008471602000
AccessoriesKeyboards - With AES Encryption5A992NLRMass MarketN/A84716020008471602000
XBoxKinect for Windows6A993NLRN/AN/A84716090508471609050
XBoxKinect for Xbox6A993NLRN/AN/A95045000009504500000
AccessoriesLifeCam (All models)EAR99NLRN/AN/A85258030108525803010
AccessoriesLifeChat HeadsetsEAR99NLRN/AN/A85183020008518302000
Lumia PhoneLumia phones (All models)5A992.cNLRMass MarketN/A85171200508517120050
DeviceMicrosoft Band (Smart Watch)EAR99NLRN/AN/A85176200508517620050
DeviceMicrosoft Display Dock (HD-500)5A992.cNLRN/AN/A84718010008471801000
HardwareMicrosoft Game Pads and Joysticks for PCEAR99NLRN/AN/A84716090508471609050
AccessoriesMouse - Wired or WirelessEAR99NLRN/AN/A84716090508471609050
HardwarePhone AC AdapterEAR99NLRN/AN/A85044095108504409510
HardwarePhone AV Output CableEAR99NLRN/AN/A85444220008544200000
HardwarePhone Car ChargerEAR99NLRN/AN/A85044095808504409580
HardwarePhone Car KitEAR99NLRN/AN/A85255070508525508040
HardwarePhone Docking StationEAR99NLRN/AN/A85044095808504409580
HardwarePhone EarbudsEAR99NLRN/AN/A85183020008518302000
HardwarePhone Sync CableEAR99NLRN/AN/A85444910008544491500
HardwarePhone Travel Kit CaseEAR99NLRN/AN/A42029290604202927000
Printed MatterPoint of Sale Activation Cards (POSA) (e.g., Gift Cards)EAR99NLRN/AN/A49111000804911100090
Printed MatterPrinted ManualsEAR99NLRN/AN/A49019900924901990092
Printed MatterProduct Key Cards (PKC)See Software ECCNNLRN/AN/A49111000804911100090
DeviceStreets & Trips with GPS (All versions)7A994NLRMass MarketG05432585269100408526910070
SurfaceSurface Book (All models)5A992.cNLRMass MarketG06133184713001008471300100
SurfaceSurface Laptop (All models)5A992.cNLRMass MarketG06133184713001008471300100
SurfaceSurface Pen5A992.cNLRN/AN/A84733051008473300002
SurfaceSurface Tablet (All models)5A992.cNLRMass MarketG06133184713001008471300100
SurfaceSurface Studio (All Models)5A992.cNLRMass MarketN/A84714101508471410150
SurfaceSurface Hub (All models)5A992.cNLRMass MarketN/A84714101508471410150
SurfaceSurface DialEAR99NLRN/AN/A85176200508517620050
HardwareUniversal Remote ControllerEAR99NLRN/AN/A85437096508543709655
DeviceWireless Base Station MN100/MN-5005A992NLRMass MarketN/A85176200508517620050
DeviceWireless Notebook Adapter MN-5205A992NLRMass MarketN/A85176200508517620050
XBoxXbox Game Controller (All versions)EAR99NLRN/AN/A95045000009504500000
XBoxXbox 3605A992.aNLRMass MarketG04409095045000009504500000
XBoxXbox 360 HD DVD PlayerEAR99NLRN/AN/A95045000009504500000
XBoxXbox 360 HeadsetsEAR99NLRN/AN/A95045000009504500000
XBoxXbox Advanced AV PackEAR99NLRN/AN/A95045000009504500000
XBoxXbox DVD Movie Playback KitEAR99NLRN/AN/A95045000009504500000
XBoxXbox High Definition AV PackEAR99NLRN/AN/A95045000009504500000
Printed MatterXbox Live Subscription CardsEAR99NLRN/AN/A49111000804911100090
XBoxXbox One5A992.cNLRMass MarketG15213295045000009504500000
XBoxXbox One Headsets (console only)EAR99NLRN/AN/A95045000009504500000
XBoxXbox One Headsets (Stereo Headset)EAR99NLRN/AN/A85183020008518302000
XBoxXbox Standard AV CableEAR99NLRN/AN/A85444290908544200000
XBoxXbox System Link CableEAR99NLRN/AN/A85444290908544200000