Windows Classification Information

Windows is a Mass Market operating system software product and it can be exported without license (NLR – no license required) to non-embargoed countries without restrictions. As a platform, Windows contains the core cryptographic libraries CryptoAPI and CryptoAPI: Next Generation (CNG) which are used by most Microsoft products and software applications.

The following ECCN classifications and CCATS registration cover all versions and editions, including upgrades and services packs, of the Windows operating system.

Microsoft Windows

Classifications and Registrations

Windows 8 and Windows RT5D992.cG143070
Windows Server 20125D992.cG144185
Windows 75D992.cG071485
Windows Vista5D992.cG048867 and G059111
Windows XP5D992.cG026821 and G027100
Windows 2000 Professional5D992.cG027076
Windows NT 4.0 Workstation5D992.cG028162
Windows 985D992.cG027076
Windows 955D992.cN/A
Windows Server 2008 and 2008 R25D992.cG058328 and G072651
Windows Server 20035D992.cG029889 and G029890
Windows 2000 Server5D992.cG031077 and G027076
Windows NT Server5D992.cN/A